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  • Mounts

    Mounts are a new awesome system added to Lost Tale to bring an unbelievable game experience for the players.
    Now you will be able to explore the Lost Tale continent in the company of a faithful friend.
    But for that will be necessary to tame this wild creatures first.
    There's many creatures scattered across the continent waiting for you.
    Prove that you are a loyal warrior and tame them all!


    • Tame wild mounts with the Capture Crystal sold on the Huntress NPC.
    • Find them and win the mini game to capture.
    • The first one to finish the tame process gets the mount. (Multiple people can try at the same time).
    • Put the mouse on the mount and then click in the crystal to start the taming.
    • Mounts have multiple rarities and different stats.
    • Mounts with different rarities have different times and places to spawn and are totally random.
    • The rarer the mount more difficult to tame.
    • When you are riding a mount you will have the mount speed instead of yours.
    • Press 'X' to open the Stable Window.

    Capturing Mounts:

    First step for tame wild mounts are find them around the fields. Every creature spawn in specific maps according to his environment.
    When a wild creature spawn an global announcement will shown in the chat, indicating the location and name of the creature.
    After it will be necessary that you find the creature in the map, it will always spawn in a random location.
    When you found the wild creature, you will need to have a Capture Crystal in your inventory to try to tame it.
    This crystal is sold on the NPC Huntress, that can be found in every Town.


    Taming process:

    Click on the wild creature and get his target in the character HUD, then "Right Click" in the Capture Crystal.
    You can hold "A" to avoid monsters targets that can get in the way.
    Using the Capture Crystal will consume it and start the taming process.
    A tame window will open, and the taming procces will start.
    The taming procces consist in a mini game that you need to press "Space" in the correct moment, when the arrow are inside the colorful area.
    You need to hit it repeatedly in the right spot until reach 100% on the progress bar.
    There's a time limit for this game, if you fail is needed to use another Capture Crystal and try again.
    Other players can also start taming the same creature as you, and only the first player to successfully finish the taming process will get it.


    When you successfully tame the creature a global announcement will shown in the chat, and you will receive the Tamed Mount Crystal at your inventory.


    You can check a model preview of the mount just by passing the mouse above the item.


    Mounts Rarities:

    The rarity of the creatures is what define the difficult to tame and his mount stats.
    More rare means less spawn chances and harder taming process, what make some mounts very valuable.
    Also every mount type have different stats, so rare mounts have better stats than common mounts.
    There are five mount rarities types:

    • Common
      • High spawn chances.
    • Uncommon
      • Moderate spawn chances.
    • Rare
      • Rare spawn chances.
    • Epic
      •  Very Rare spawn chances.
    • Legendary
      • Extremely Rare spawn chances.
    • Unique
      • Obtained from Bosses, Treasures or Special Events.

    Mounts Stats:

    Mounts have three specific stats that vary according to the rarity and the type.

    • Speed
      • Movement Speed of your mount.
    • Evade
      • Additional Evade chance when you are mounted.
    • Dismount Resistance
      • Chance that prevent you to fall from the mount when receive damage.


    This is the place where you can find your mounts.
    Every captured creature can be added to your Stable to be used as your mount.
    To register is very simple, "Right Click" in the Tamed Mount Crystal and it will be added to the the Stable.
    Also here you can manage your mounts, and set shortcuts for easily mount and dismount.
    To do that you need to hold "Right Click" on the mount, and click in the hotkey button that you want.
    Or you can simple hold "Left Click" and drag it to your Action Bar.
    You can fast mount and unmount using same button.
    There's no limit on how many mounts you can have, so you can capture them all.
    The stable can be easily accessed by pressing "X".


    Mount and Dismount:

    To use your mount, you can either use the shortcut set in your Action Bar, or you can click in the Mount Button in the Stable Window.
    When you use the Mount your character will jump and a shiny effect will appear.
    After that you will be already mounted, to dismount you can simple click the same hotkey or Mount Button.
    You can't mount in combat, and while mounted its not possible to use potions.
    Also if you type "yahoo" in the chat you get a really cool animation for screenshots.


    Taming Practice:

    You can practice your taming by talking with the NPC Mount Trainer, located in Ricarten and Pillai.
    To test your abilities is very simple, you just need to set the difficult and click "Ok", and the mini game will start.
    There is a small cost of gold for every try.


    Mount List:

    You can check all game mounts in the Collection, by pressing "L".