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  • Minimap

    Here in Lost Tale we have an special Minimap with different functions.
    This made much easier for players visualize the game windows.

    Minimap Buttons:


    1: Game Settings.(F10)
    2: Quest Book.(Q)
    3: Evend Calendar.
    4: Quick Options.
    5: Character Info.(C)
    6: Skills.(S)
    7: Inventory.(V)
    8: Exit Game.
    9: Social/Clan.(D)
    10: Party.
    11: Stable.(X)
    12: Active Events.
    13: Relogin.
    14: Zoom map. 

    Minimap Icons:

    1249264989_NPCIcon.png.669b99d93918182fc2ae6e06e956bdd3.png NPC
    1379832722_CaravanIcon.png.2a43c0c9ff65a5e2f40957a95489cbdc.png Caravan
    1883565656_PartyIcon.png.8b2319e56b50ed992314e4a9e617e5c1.png Party Icon
    595887827_ClanIcon.png.ddee9d5f59a6a420953df82a6d71a251.png Clan Icon
    238169364_EnemyIcon.png.2a2622d35bb28f3589cfc4c6cff3c714.png Enemy Icon
    964697193_BossIcon.png.d597cd10b9d41aa5c43abfd9721bd96e.png Boss Location

    Boss Timer:

    You can check the next Boss Time of your current location above the minimap.