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  • Ghost Castle Event

    To participate Ghost Castle you must be level 110 or higher. In Ghost Castle Event you will be able to play using the keybord arrows to move, ctrl and space to hit and double tapping the arrow to run. You can gain premium items, forces and sheltons from participating on the event. If you enter with a party and someone disconnects all party will leave the Ghost Castle.

    The entrance is on Atlantis Town, right next to Mystery Forest 1.


    You have to talk with Stella:


    After entering the Ghost Castle you must kill all the monsters until round 5 in 20 minutes.
    When you beat the Ghost Castle you will receive a chest on the Distributor.


    Then you will have to pickup the Chest from the Item Distributor.


    You will bring the chest to Celine who will open it for you if you provide three keys along with the Chest to her.


    Then you will receive the reward via Item Distributor.

    The keys to open the chest can be obtained by the supply store, Ny located on Atlantis town.



    Complete list of the rewards:

    Hairstyle Potion - B, Phoenix Egg of Ice 8h, Enigma, Vampire Teeth 8h, Mana Aura 8h, Hairstyle Potion - F, Hairstyle Potion - T, Booster Recovery 8h, MP Reduction Potion 8h, STM Reduction Potion 8h, Gravity Stone 8h, Phoenix Egg of Fire 8h, Phoenix Egg of Lightning 8h, Phoenix Egg of Healing 8h, Celesto, Mirage, Inferna, Bellum, Oredo, EXP Potion 8h, Third Eye 8h, Vampire Costume M - 8h, Ripe Stone, Honor Stone, Mirage Force, Inferna Force, Enigma Force, Bellum Force, Vampire Costume F - 8h, Aging Stone, Copper Ore, Perfection Stone, Hairstyle Potion - A, Hairstyle Potion - C, Copper Bar, Mature Stone - A, Mature Stone - B, Mature Stone - C, Oredo Force, Hairstyle Potion - G, Hairstyle Potion - H, Hairstyle Potion - I, Hairstyle Potion - J, Hairstyle Potion - D, Hairstyle Potion - E, Hairstyle Potion - K, Hairstyle Potion - L, Hairstyle Potion - M, Hairstyle Potion - N, Hairstyle Potion - O, Hairstyle Potion - P, Hairstyle Potion - Q, Hairstyle Potion - R, Hairstyle Potion - S, Hairstyle Potion - T, Hairstyle Potion - S