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  • Ghost Castle

    Ghost Castle is an Event where you will be able to play the game in 2D using the keybord arrows to move, ctrl and space to hit and double tapping the arrow to run. You can gain premium items, sheltons, forces and the grand prizes, "Babel Shield" and "Ghost Bracelets", that are the powerful shield and bracelets of the game from participating on the event.

    The entrance is on Atlantis Town, right next to Mystery Forest 1.


    You have to talk with Stella and click "Ok" to enter in the event.
    If you are in party all members will be automatically teleported to the castle with you.


    After entering the Ghost Castle you must kill all the monsters until round 5 in 20 minutes.
    If you enter with a party and someone disconnects, all party will leave the castle.

    When you beat the last round, all members will receive exp according to its score placement.
    Also will receive a Silver Locked Chest on the Item Distributor, that can be opened for great rewards.



    You will bring the chest to Celine, who will open it for you if you provide three Chest Keys to her.
    The keys to open the chest can be obtained by the Supply Store, Ny located on Atlantis Town.


    After you put the chest and the keys in the designated slots, and by clicking "Exchange" you will receive the reward in the Item Distributor.