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  • Fury Arena

    The Grand Fury is a daily event that happens four times a day.
    Two bosses appear at the given time. One of them is King Fury which is 110+ level req. to enter.
    The other one is Prince which is 130+ level req. to enter.
    This event requires a team of players to slay the beast in the Arena in Cursed Temple 2.
    To participate in this event, you need to talk with Albus P. W. B. Dumbledore in Ricarten to teleport to the Fury Arena entrance. 
    After it you need to talk with The Messenger, Saphir to teleport to the Arena, this requires a small fee.
    A beast will spawn and when it was slain you will receive an Scroll of Fury in your quest inventory, that can be exchanged for a big ammount of Exp and a random nice reward.


    King Fury spawns in the following hours:

    • 6 AM UTC-0
    • 6 PM UTC-0

    Prince spawns in the following hours:

    • 12 AM UTC-0
    • 12 PM UTC-0

    Before the event starts, there will be an announcement in the chat box 15 minutes before hand, 10 minutes and 5 minutes.
    Bring potions and do not come alone, or see a swift merciless death.

    *Don't forget that if you die during the event you will be teleported outside and will not receive the reward.