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  • Enchantment

    This system consists in upgrade items through the enchantment proccess. Every item enchanted have different attributes.


    • To enchant one item is necessary to use an Enchantment Crystal on it.
    • The Enchantment Crystal can be acquired by crafting using Crystal Fragments.
    • Crystal Fragments can be found by doing Quests and drop from monsters in Ancient Weapon.
    • The Enchantment proccess have a low success chance and costs gold.
    • All items can be enchanted with exception for sheltoms.
    • All items related to the system can be acquired though in game Events, Vote Shop, Coin Shop and by doing quests.

    Craft Process:

    The first step to enchant one item is acquire twelve Crystal Fragments.


    After it you need to go to Pillai and talk with Royalmage Ray, and add 12 Crystal Fragments and click in "+".
    You can use "Right Click" to fast add it to the enchantment window.
    When you click "+" the fragments will turn into an Enchantment Crystal.

    This first procces costs 20kk, and does not have chance of failling.


    When crafted the Enchantment Crystal talk again with Royalmage Ray.
    In the left side add the item that you want to try to enchant, and on the other side add the Enchantment Crystal.
    In the middle you can add one Enchantment Stone to increase the success chance.
    This procces have a 30% success rate and costs 50kk, but the Enchantment Stone
    increase it by 10%.
    After that click on "+" and wait the process of enchanting to be done.


    If the item was successfully enchanted an annoucement will appear in the global chat, showing what item was enchanted.
    In case of failling the gold, crystal and stone are lost.

    Enchanted Items:

    Enchanted items have powerful additional attributes, that can be seen in orange color in the item window.


    Every piece of equipment have their own additionals attributes.
    When you enchant an item, you get a random value that can vary depends on your luck.

    Enchantment Effects:
    Weapons: 1-1 to 5-5 Attack Power, 10-50 Attack Rating.
    Armors and Robes: 10-50 Defense, 1-5 Absorption.
    Boots, Gauntlets and Belts: 5-30 Defense, 1-3 Absorption.
    Bracelets: 10-50 Attack Rating.
    Shields and Orbs: 5-30 Defense, 1-3 Absorption.
    Rings, Amulets and Sheltons: 5-20 HP, 5-20 STM, 5-20 MP.

    Enchanted Items Respec.

    After enchanting one item you can try to respec it to get powerful status.
    This procces is made by using Enchantment Seals.


    For doing that is very simple, you "Right Click" at the Enchantment Seal and "Left Click" in the item that you want to respec.
    You can use 
    Enchantment Seals as many times you want, each time it will come with new random stats.

    Enchantment YouTube video guide: