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  • Dungeons

    Dungeons are a new exclusive feature added to Lost Tale!
    They are special maps created to bring a totally different game experience for the players.
    This bring new challenges and adventures.
    By finishing Dungeons you will receive rare Chests, that can be opened for great rewards.
    Also Dungeon monsters give a big ammount of Experience!

    Entering a Dungeon:

    To enter a Dungeon is very simple.
    You need to find the NPC "Dungeon Master" in Ricarten Town.
    By talking with him, it will show the list of all Dungeons available.
    Also the dungeon type, prerequesites, and the gold cost to participate.
    The gold ammount to participate depend on your character level.
    When you already participate in one specific dungeon it will show a confirmation simbol, that means you can only participate again next day.


    In case of Party, only the leader is able to choose the dungeon to participate.
    To proceed all players need to comply with all requirements, and the leader need to click on enter.
    After that players will be automatically teleported to the Dungeon entrance.
    They have 10 seconds to prepare his characters, and then the time starts to run.
    Note that you can participate only one time in every Dungeon daily.
    So create your best team and good luck!

    Dungeon 3D:

    3D Dungeons consist in maps with a defined numbers of monsters.
    This means that killed monsters will never respawn.
    The main objective of players are kill all monsters of the map, and slain the Final Boss before the time runs out.
    This monsters are all around the map, and you can locate them using the mini map icons.
    Skulls will show where are monsters alive, and red icons are the monsters themselves.


    When you kill all monsters of an specific location the icons will dissapear.
    This means that this region is cleared, and you need to found other monsters locations.
    After killing all monsters from the map, the Boss will spawn in an specific location marked on the map with an icon.
    If the players succeed they will be rewarded with an special Chest, that depends of the type of Dungeon.

    Dungeon 2D:

    2D Dungeons are special maps, where the gameplay is in a different camera type.
    Also to move the character is necessary to use the keyboard arrows.
    It consist in five rounds, where the objective is kill an specific number of monsters before advance.
    If all rounds are completed before the time runs out, players will succeed,  and will be rewarded with an special Chest.

    Difficult Multiplier:

    Dungeons have an special mechanic, that automatically set the difficult depending on number of participants.
    This means that for every player that enter in the dungeon, monsters became stronger.
    At same time stronger monsters give higher Experience and Rewards.
    A full party will give more Experience for every participant compared to four members for example.
    This provide the best balance possible between Solo and Party gameplay.
    Where all players need to contribute with the team to get the advantages, and do not fail.

    Dungeon Chests:

    This special Chests can be obtained only by finishing Dungeons.
    And can be opened just by "Right Click" on it.
    The rewards are totally random, and depend on your luck.
    It varies from Sheltons, Recipes, Stones, Gold, Premiuns, Skins, Ores. All items from Shop can be obtained.
    Also Ores are exclusive materials from Dungeons, and are used to craft and upgrade Belts using the Craft System.

    Dungeon List:

    Ghost Castle (Level 130). Type: 2D.
    Bee Hive (Level 130). Type 3D.
    Mushroom Cave (Level 135). Type 3D.
    Swamp (Level 140). Type 2D.
    Sanctuary of Darkness (Level 145). Type 3D.
    Crystal Nest (Level 150). Type 3D.
    Pillai Invasion (Level 155). Type 3D.

    Dungeons YouTube videos: