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  3. Harald

    Easter Event!

    Easter Rabie Event: Easter Rabies spawning in all maps, dropping Eggs and Empty treasures. Collect Eggs to craft at Master Shalon in Bunny Treasures to exchange for nice rewards. Rare chances of Poseidon and Fun Skins, also other valuable premium items including Fluence Stone and Mega Exp Potion! Craft Recipe: 1 Mystery Empty Treasure + 3 Eggs of same type = Mystery Bunny Treasure. Evil Rabie Boss spawning every 6 hours in Valley of Tranquility with nice rewards. (Location marked on the minimap). Evil Rabie invasions: Bad Rabies spawning in Ice Mine, Endless Tower 3 and Cursed Temple 3. The invasions are announced on the global warning with the specific map. It have an determined duration that is showed on the event calendar. This bad Rabies don't drop eggs or treasures but gives a lot of Experience! Must kill them all! Discounts in all Coin Shop Tabs during the holidays. Enjoy!
  4. Ragnar

    Patch 3203

    Easter Rabie Event: Easter Rabies spawning in all maps, dropping Eggs and Empty treasures. Collect Eggs to craft at Master Shalon in Bunny Treasures to exchange for nice rewards. Rare chances of Poseidon and Fun Skins, also other valuable premium items including Fluence Stone and Mega Exp Potion! Craft Recipe: 1 Mystery Empty Treasure + 3 Eggs of same type = Mystery Bunny Treasure. Evil Rabie Boss spawning every 6 hours in Valley of Tranquility with nice rewards. (Location marked on the minimap). Evil Rabie invasions: Bad Rabies spawning in Ice Mine, Endless Tower 3 and Cursed Temple 3. The invasions are announced on the global warning with the specific map. It have an determined duration that is showed on the event calendar as a Monster Event. This bad Rabies don't drop eggs or treasures but gives a lot of Experience! Must kill them all! Fixed claw position in martial when using T. Fixed some skins models. Fixed bug where taking screenshots would freeze the game. Added beginning of a system to change game font via settings. Implemented new automatic events for invasions. Added shield to martial migration. Fixed some skin positions and size. Slightly reduced monsters organic resistance. Coin Shop: Fixed mecha Sword 2h/1h. Fixed Mecha Vambrace. Vote Shop: Fixed Poseidon Sword 1h. Time Shop: Added Caravan Hopy 8h Class Changes: Assassin: Wisp: Duration increased from 30 to 35. Fixed animation. (Note that this duration is affected by monsters organic resistance). Priestess: Holy Mind: Duration increased from 30 to 35. Fixed animation. (Note that this duration is affected by monsters organic resistance).
  5. Odin

    Patch 3202

    Bless Castle Changes: Removed field option during Siege War. Crowns rebalanced: 6%, 4%, 2%. Now Clan that score more points wins. Castle Door: ABS reduced from 95% to 90%. HP reduced from 3M to 2.6M. Towers ABS reduced from 93% to 90%. HP increased in same proportion. (This change increased points when attacking towers in around 43%). Fire Tower damage increased. Skin System: New Poseidon Weapon line exclusively obatined at Vote Shop. New Mecha Weapon line exclusively obtained at Coin Shop. New 4Fun skins. Boxing Gloves, Baseball Bat, Baseball Glove. Can be obtained at Vote Shop and Coin Shop. Resized Phantoms from level 1 to 112 for better skin customization. Fixed some Swords and Hammers positions to fit better on character model. Vote Shop: Added Fluence Stone. Added Sol Force. General Formula Balance: Slightly increased attack power penalty when using Health points. Disabled Enter key to accept challenges. Fixed a bug when receive requests during Rolls. Summons and Crystals are now disabled inside SoD. Fixed Top PvP Description. Changed Ranking NPC and Dungeon NPC models. Fixed text cutting out on trades above 99kk. Fixed game showing the wrong status bonus at character screen of Bless Castle crown buffs. Scrolling added to Quest Tracker. Fixed a bug related to multiple message boxes. Fixed a visual bug on coin/gold challenge. Screenshot info will now show up properly. Fixed the distance for some buffs. Fixed some problems to enhance the server performance. Upgrades and fixes on link item system. The price to send items via distributor is now fixed in 500K. Increased numbers of quests limit to 15. Damage display will appear behind all HUD. Fixed a bug related to Deluxe Skin Remover. Fixed a random game crash. Improved game anti hacker. Improved game protections. Fixed dungeon chat warnings. Fixed a visual bug related to atalantas evade buff. Boss name added on roll dice and its chat messages. Class Balance: Assassin: Can now use Claw. Can now use buffs using Claw. Added Assassin spec on Claws. Alas: Evade reduced from 28% to 26%. Blind: Movement Speed reduced from 18 to 10. Archer: Golden Falcon: Fixed a bug on the damage formula. Now calculate correctly based on Damage Boost. Force of Nature: Area of effect increased. Evasion Mastery: Evade reduced from 24% to 20%. Atalanta: Soul Sucker: Now works properly. HP absorb increased from 15% to 20%. (Note that this % is reduced by monster organic resistance). Vengeance: Damage increased from 90% to 95%. Fighter: Concentration: Attack Rating increased from 160 to 200. Avenging Crash: Now add 10% attack rating based on total, instead of 50% based on weapon. Berserker: Attack Power reduced from 15% to 10%. Absorption debuff reduced from 15% to 5%. Cyclone Strike: Damage increased from 140% to 150%. Inner Soul: Now add 10% attack rating based on total instead of 30% based on weapon. Now add 10% attack rating bonus to Bone Crash. Concentration Chain increased from 50% to 100%. Critical Debuff reduced from 2% to 1% at level 10. Survival Instinct: HP reduced from 16% to 12%. HP Regeneration increased from 10 to 15. Knight: Drastic Spirit: Now give additional absorption based on the defense gained. Sword of Justice: Now Stun the enemies on the area. Divine Piercing: Attack Rating increased from 30% to 40%. Saint Blade: Now add 30% additional Attack Rating. Magician: Zenith: Now it's % based. 18% Energy Shield: Damage Reduction reduced from 26% to 22%. Distortion: Area reduced from 165 to 140. Meteor: Damage increased from 85% to 90%. Wizard Trance: Now is Wizardry Shield and add defense and block when using Staffs. 10% defense and 5% block. Now give absorption based on defense gained. Mechanician: Grand Smash: Attack Rating increased from 30% to 35%. Compulsion is now % based. 14% Absorption. Martial: Can now used Shield and Claw. Can now use Buffs using Claw. Added Martial spec on Shields and Claws. Nerver of Steel: Now give additional aborption based on the defense gained. Defense bonus don't work with shield. Haunting Hawk: Damage increased from 170% to 180%. Line Break: Damage reduced from 180% to 160%. Pikeman: Ground Pike: Now it don't remove Vanish effect anymore. Charged Strike: Charging Speed increased from 60% to 65%. Don't charged damage increased from 60% to 75%. Priestess: Healing: Reduced time delay to heal the target. Grand Healing: Reduced time delay to heal the party. Consecration: Defense reduced from 22% to 12%. Now only give half of the effect when using orbs. Now give additional absorption based on the defense gained. Shaman: Rainmaker: Damage Reduction reduced from 30% to 25%. Scratch: Damage increased from 105% to 115%. Attack Rating increased from 30% to 35%. Haunt: Now absorb enemy HP properly. (Note that this % is reduced by monster organic resistance). Occult Life: HP reduced from 20% to 16%.
  6. Harald

    Clan Member size.

    Hello warriors! As you know the server population increased on the last weeks. And the Clan Member size now is limited to 20 players, which can be not enough. I created this Vote Poll to get your opinion about that. Increase Clan Number size? Note that the changes will be only made for the next week. Your opinion are welcome. Thanks!
  7. Ragnar

    Patch 3198

    Reformulated Belt Upgrading System: https://forum.losttale.com/index.php?/item-upgrading/ New Craft Formulas. 1 Sol + 3 Ores = Upgrading Crystal. Now the upgrade process is made on the inventory using the Upgrading Crystals. Now works properly with Perfectized and Mixed items. Clan System modified: If you leave a clan by any means you will get a cooldown of 7 days to rejoin another clan. The above rule does not apply to characters with level lower than 145. Fixed clan disband. Bless Castle: PVP Score is now /2. Preparations for Class Balance. Internal server bug fixes. Now Virtual Life items will be allowed to reactivate before timer runs out. Roll Dice rework: now it should not take too long to get rolldice in Dungeons! Fixed items being displayed to others when dropped by people in Dungeons. Crystal Nest: Crystal Nest Treasure: Chances of Skins slightly increased. Ghost Castle: Monsters HP slightly reduced. Swamp: Lizzard Commander don't use potions anymore. New Item: Skin Remover Deluxe When you use it you will receive the Item Skin back. New Skins: Draxos Sword rarely dropped by Draxos. Babel Scythe rarely dropped by Babel. Story Mode: Warehouse Expansion #4 number of monsters reduced from 100 to 40 in Ancient Weapon. Internal server improvements in the Craft System. Added message to let you know which item you received in the lootboxes. Added new tabs to Coin Shop to organize it better. Fixed left arm Demonic Vambrace and position of Demonic sword. Adapted premium expired text to fit better in chat. Fixed spec of items when buying in bulk in Time/Vote Shop. Added better item descriptions for the upgrading Belt System. Anti Hack improvements. Added a global announcement when upgrading or crafting a Belt. Added global announcement when craft Boss Set 3. Fixed a bug when receiving the clan login message. Fixed Tribal Costume Visual on Shaman.
  8. Harald

    Area Skill Balance update.

    Archer: Frost Rain: Damage increased from 105% to 110%. Area reduced to 170. Perforation: Damage increased from 105% to 110%. Fighter: Cyclone Strike: Damage increased from 110% to 140%. Mechanician: Impulsion: Damage increased from 130% to 180% Spark: Damage increased from 140% to 150%.
  9. Ragnar

    Patch 3191

    Dungeons Released! https://forum.losttale.com/index.php?/dungeon-system/ Added Swamp. Added Bee Hive dungeon. Added new mode in dungeons Added 3D maps with different rules than Ghost Castle. No rounds, monsters are limited and will not respawn. After clearing the map the boss will spawn. Monsters icons and spawns locations added to the mini map. Instances of Dungeons are saved after starting it, so don't fail! Removed finalization of dungeon instance when a party member quits. Now monsters from dungeons give a big ammount of EXP. Improved monster movement to not run away as often in dungeons. Added drops to 3D dungeons. Added new npc Dungeon Master in Ricarten, where you can check out all dungeons available. The dungeons get progressively harder and rewards get better according to the number of participants. New Dungeon Map: Crystal Nest Dungeon New Boss Aragonian. New monsters. New Skins lines from Boss and Crystal Nest Treasure. Chance of items 136 from monsters and Boss. New Item: Belt Released: Craft your belt to gain extra stats: Extra defence, abs and extra potion in your bracelet. Spec stats give you unique stats: Critical Resistance: Reduces the chances of your oponent hitting a critical on you. Potion Efficiency to increase your gains when using potions. Improved Boss Set Effect: No longer the effect's lost when you upgrade one piece of your boss set. You can combine Boss Sets and will receive the lower bonus part yet. Story Mode: New Quest: Warehouse Expansion #4! Boss Balance: Yagditha: Abyss Skins drop chances slightly increased. Yagditha Essence drop chances slightly increased. Flame Maiden: Items 128 drop chances slightly increased. Items 136 drop chances slightly increased. Flame Maiden Essence drop chances slightly increased. AlShams and Alqamar: Items 128 drop chances increased. Items 136 drop chances slightly increased. Added a chance of drop Silver Bar. Prince Arena: Prince Essence drop chances slightly increased. Team Death Match Winner and Free For All Top 10: Increased chance of Fluence Stone. Added Skin Holder and Remover. Added Capture Crystal. Monsters spawned in events will have less minimum damage required to enter in the Roll System. Added 10 seconds PVP cooldown timer to use cores and teleports. Removed invulnerability time when using cores, teleports and doors. Connections improvements. New map added to Team Death Match. Added double verification when throwing valuable items to field. Added lock to inventory when using reset stats stone and outweighted. Fixed some bugs when linking items to chat. Alterered game icon. Ripe Stone price reduced to 30kk on Pillai Sheltom Shop. Added Copper Ore to Pillai Sheltom Shop. When mega crystal event is ON the crystals and summons won't die easy to bosses. Teleport party will now teleport you to the exact location of your party mate. Improved server handling of damage display. Removed old rewards from Ghost Castle and Fury Arena. Increased minimum aging to +16 in the global alert. Server Internal security buffed. Fixed online reward. Fixed level of entrance to Abyss at Lost Island. Fixes to Time Shop and Vote Shop when delivering items. Improved news system when logging in. Fixed retrieving distributor items when full. Improved Roll Dice messages so it won't spam your chat. Preparation for more skins. Added possibility of getting more than one of the same item when using lootbox. Fixed a bug where some shaman buffs would not work when getting hit. Fixed a bug where your game would crash when minimizing when using skills. Fixed some game crashs.
  10. Harald

    Bless Castle New Configuration.

    Bless Castle New Configuration: Castle Door HP increased from 2M to 2.6M. ABS increased from 93% to 95%. Towers HP increased from 200K to 400K. Valhalla HP increased from 2M to 2.6M. Damage and Area increased. Fire Tower damage increased. Ricarten Militia damage greatly increased. HP increased. Ricarten Guard damage greatly increased. HP increased. Royal Bless Guard damage greatly increased. HP increased.
  11. Harald

    Bless Castle Defenses Balance.

    Hello Warriors! We have been analysing and watching last Siege War events. And we conclude that the defenses are not more compatible with the number of players and new level cap and new equipments. Which makes it indefensible for the Castle owners. I created this Vote Poll to get your opinion about that. Increase Absorption and HP of towers to make it more defensible or not? Note that this changes will be only made for the event of 02/21/2021, and the Crown will be reseted for all clans attack. Your opinion are welcome! Thanks!
  12. Harald

    Patch 3190

    Changes in WarMode: Added 'K' as a shortcut to Time delay between activations is now 1 minute. Added message showing how much time left to be able to activate it after you try to. Changed game icons. Added internal server security measures. Anti Hack improvements. Fixed online reward problem Fixed some game crashes.
  13. Ragnar

    Patch 3189

    Distributor improvements: Newly items will now appear on the top of the list. Fixed text when discarting items. Fixed several crashs. Fixed bug when outweighted. Fixed item stats when buying more than 1 acessory. Added some improvements on items stack. Allowed more items to be sended to other players. Added message when receive an item. Added message when you take and discard items. Story Mode: Dark Forces!: Added Mythology items as reward. Repeatable Quests: New quest: Heart Of Fire Treasure! New Flame Treasure Chest: Chances of Fire Skins and other nice rewards. Daily Quests: New quest: Through the Fire and Flames! New Skin: Valento Sword. (Very rare chance to drop from Valento). Prince Arena: Added very rare chance to obtain Prince Essence. Rewards rebalanced. Added more premiuns and stones. Now is limited for one player per computer. New Boss Set 3: Prince Ring, Yagditha Amulet, Flame Sheltom They can be obtained through crafting evolving the Boss Set 1. Essences are dropped in the following events and monsters: Prince reward in the fury arena. Yagditha loot. Flame Maiden loot. Recipes: . https://forum.losttale.com/index.php?/craft-system/ Valento Ring + 3 Prince Essence + 300kk = Prince Ring Kelvezu Amulet + 3 Yagditha Essence + 300kk = Yagditha Amulet Mokova Sheltom + 3 Flame Maiden Essence + 300kk = Flame Sheltom Fixed level to enter AD3 through AD2. Increased respec level for teiwaz. Fixed Flame Armor/Robe skin. Added new bosses global alert when spawn. Fixed a bug related to Greedy Relic on PVP. Fixed spec in coinshop items with the new distributor. Fixed several skills that was being used while dead. Possible fix to random caravans appearing. Improved movement of wings, they now follow the character motion. Fixed new monsters(haunted mine) death animation. Fixed Personal message when text is too long. Internal server improvements.
  14. Harald

    New Migrations Available!

    Hello warriors, for a determined period you will be able to make an exclusive migration for our server! To do this is very simple, and not necessary to send any type of information from other servers. Our server is full of new exclusive features made especially for you! Don't waste this opportunity to start equipped, with aged socketed items and active premiuns. It's your time to start a new journey and prove that you are the strongest warrior! These are the prerequisites: Account and character created in our server. The Migration consist in: Character Level 130. Weapon and Armor 118+16 perfect socketed with HP runes. Set 118+16 perfect. Rings and Amulets 114 perfect. Earrings 7 days. 1 Random common mount. 20kk Gold. Mega Exp Potion 50% and premiuns and caravan for 24 hours. To migrate you must send the following information via Facebook. Account and Character Nickname. Number of members and clan name. (In case of clan migration). Then, the server administration will analyse your request and migrate within 24 hours, depending on the volume of requests. Portuguese Version: Olá guerreiros, por um tempo limitado você poderá fazer uma migração exclusiva para o nosso servidor! Para fazer isso é bem simples, e não é necessário passar nenhum tipo de informação de outros servidores. Nosso servidor é cheio de novidades exclusivas feitas especialmente para você! Não perca a oportunidade de iniciar bem equipado, com items aging e socket e premiuns ativos. É sua vez de iniciar sua jornada e provar que você é o guerreiro mais forte! Esses são os pré requisitos: Conta e personagem criados em nosso servidor. A Migração consiste em: Personagem Level 130. Arma e Armadura 118+16 perfeitos com sockets e runas de HP. Set 118+16 perfeito. Anéis e Amuleto 114 perfeitos. Brincos 7 dias. 1 Montaria comum aleatória. 20kk Ouro. Mega Exp Pot 50% e premiuns e caravana por 24 horas. Para migrar você precisa enviar uma mensagem com as seguintes informações via Facebook. Conta e Nome do Personagem. Quantidade de membros e nome do clan. (Em caso de migração clan). Então, a administração do servidor irá avaliar e migrar em até 24 horas, dependendo do volume de migrações.
  15. Ragnar

    Patch 3186

    New features added to Distributor: You can send items to your friends. Same type items are now grouped together. You can now withdraw items in the quantity that you want. You can now discard all items at the same type. Full Guide to come. Added a message in the chat box when a premium expire. Fixed a bug that would make your screen blue when playing with MS. Fixed a bug that allowed items to be thrown to the ground accidentally when using certain systems. Fixed some internal server errors. Fixed bugs related to the Relogin System. Fixed some bugs related to Bosses. Fixed some Skills effects bugs that may create some tracks on the screen. Anti Hack improvements.
  16. Odin

    Patch 3182

    Monsters Spawns improved: No more HUGE delays in large respawns. Consistent respawn timers for monsters. Fixed a bug related to top ranking system. Fixed Shadows turning on and off on settings. Classes DPS meter https://forum.losttale.com/index.php?/topic/1318-classes-dps-meter/ Items will show skin name while having skin. Fixed a bug related to new skins on shop. Skin Holder will show the name of the item that is being hold. New position for the bosses on Haunted Mine. Fixed texture on Xmas Vambrace. Fixed mount icons wrong. Improved game loading time. Global warning for level up is now 140+. Released Relogin BETA: You can go back do login screen without closing your game! To use this feature you can click in the button on the right side of the mini map. This is a extremely BETA feature, it may have some problems, be aware. Internal server improvements. Improved game texture cache. Anti Hack improvements. Class Balance: Assassin: Polluted: Damage reduced from 30% to 20%. Atalanta: Extreme Rage: Damage increased from 230% to 240%. Area increased from 145 to 155. Frost Javelin: Damage reduced from 30-40 to 30-30. Vengeance: Damage reduced from 95% to 90%. Poison Javelin: Damage reduced from 40% to 30%. Fighter: Bone Crush: Damage Boost increased from 95% to 100%. Bonus against Demon is now fixed in 50% in all levels. Knight: Grand Cross: Attack Rating reduced from 50% to 40%. Bonus against Undead is now fixed in 50% in all levels. Holy Conviction: Now works in area skills, but only with 50% of total effect. Crescent Moon: Increased area from 130 to 160. Martial Artist: Double Backspin Blow: Damage reduced from 90% to 65%. Mechanician: Magnetic Sphere attack interval increased to 2 seconds. Impulsion: Target number increased from 30 to 40. Priestess: Healing: Now the healing is working properly based on the Attack Power. Grand Healing: Now the healing is working properly based on the Attack Power. Note that the all classes are still under testing with the new items for the whole month. More changes will be added on next updates.
  17. Odin

    Patch 3179

    New Level Cap 150 released! New Exclusive Map Haunted Mine! (150) Exclusive Monsters. 2 Exclusive Bosses: The brothers Alqamar and AlShams. New Exclusive Items! To access some parts of the map is necessary to use the wood doors on the map. New items released! Demonic Items (136) New Hunt Map Heart of Fire: New boss Flame Maiden. (Extremely rare chance to drop Demonic Items). Fire Items Skins rarely dropping from monsters and Boss. Socket System: New Supreme Runes released! (1 Teiwaz + 3 Advanced Runes). Boss Quests: New Flame Maiden Hunt! (145) Repeatable Quests: New Heart of Fire Hunt! (145) Sea of Abyss: Yagditha now have a rarely chance of dropping Abyss Items Skins. Relic System: Fury Mane HP increased from 20 to 40. Staffs and Wands now adds Spec Attack Rating and Critical. (Send us a message at support if you need to change your item). Clan Members size increased to 20. Added item description on the Skin Holder. Internal server fixes. Improved animations computation. Improved Anti Hack. Fixed SOD crown remove after reset. Fixed draw distance setting. Fixed some monsters animations bugs.
  18. Harald

    Monsters Exp improved!

    Maps improved: Cursed Temple 3 monsters exp increased. Endless Tower 3 monsters exp increased. Ice Mine monsters exp increased. Secret Laboratory monsters exp increased. Ancient Weapon monsters exp increased.
  19. Harald

    Christmas Coin Shop Discounts!

    During Christmas Event our Coin Shop will have 20% Discount on all items! Don't waste the opportunity! Enjoy Lost Tale!
  20. Odin

    Patch 3175

    Xmas Event is ON! Exclusive Skins! New Login Screen. Xmas Snowy Ricarten. Slain Christmas monsters to collect Christmas parts and Xmas Recipe. Craft the Xmas Gift Box and exchange for nice rewards(1 Xmas Recipe + 3 of the same Xmas item)! Giant Snowman Boss spawning at Ice 1 and Ice 2 at Valento spawns. (1H 13H Ice1, 8H 20H Ice 2 - Server time) New EXP Maps Released: Ancient Dungeon 3(130) Iron Core (135) Abyss of the Sea (140). New Boss Yagditha. New Relic Released: Yagditha spear! Yagditha Soul Shard dropping from Yagditha at Abyss of the Sea. Daily Quests: Added Ancient Dungeon 3 Daily. Added Iron Core Daily. Added Abyss of the Sea Daily. New Boss Quest Yagditha Hunt. Mystery Desert 1 2 3 quests monsters reduced. Forgetten Temple 1 2 Daily quests monsters reduced. Ancient Dungeon 1 2 Daily exp increased and monster number reduced. Draxos Hunt exp increased. Greedy Hunt exp increased. The Old Laboratory number of monsters reduced. Repeatable Quests: Ice Mine Hunt exp increased. Secret Laboratory Hunt exp increased. Ancient Weapon Hunt exp increased. Ancient Weapon Treasure is now a repeatable quest. Added Yagditha Soul Shard as reward. New characters now start with Exp potion 50% instead of 30%. Added Mana potion on the NPCs. Added Bow and Javelin to Mech on Story Mode. Improvement on server performance when dealing with large crowds. Fixed caravan shadows when shadows disabled. Changed +24 and +23 Aging Color. Improved game update of character information. Removed some false positive words from curse filter. Fixed mounts preview position. Improved roll dice window when showing multiple rolls from multiple bosses. Fixed a bug related to deleting character and quests. Fixed price of class change in the coinshop. Changed skin of some Ad2 and Ad3 monsters. Fixed a bug that would allow players to teleport while being dead. Fixed MS shield not appearning when using shield skill. Fixed a rare case where the player window would get flashing colors. Characters no longer get red when low life, only monsters. Red effect on monster was reduced to be more suttle. Fixed a bug related to Shaman and Priest spec. Fixed minimum level to spectate a challenge beetween two players. Preparations for New Exclusive hunt Map, Level Cap and Items!
  21. Odin

    Patch 3173

    New Game Engine! General Information: Graphics improvements. New monster Disolve Effect added. Shader model 3.0. Dynamic Shadows. Change in settings to activate it. Maps using shaders. Added new effects for aging and mixing. New effects on items on the ground. Note: Your settings will be reset in this update. Note: For those that do not have a integrated nor dedicated graphics card, try deactivating the hardware skinning options in settings . Note: Anti Aliasing is temporarily deactivated. Note: Keep in mind that some unexpected bugs can happen due to this Update, and we will solve this as fast as possible. Note: Some graphic cards like old Intel HD Graphics don't work with GPU skinning (which makes the game increase FPS), so it will make just a slightly difference in performance. Note: Some notebooks with NVIDIA/AMD cards have the cards not used by default, if it's your case, follow these steps. New Video Settings available. Shadows. Lights. Charactes, Weather, Ability and Monsters effects. Caravans and Pets renderization. New Aging Colors and Effects from +21 to +24. New Bless Castle Gold and Silver Crown effect. Quest System: Now Solo and Party quests can be done at same time. Added Orb to Shaman in the Story Mode. Mount System: Dismount Resist mechanics added. Evade Chance formula while mounted added. Mount Items preparations. Skin System Skin Remover now available on Coinshop and Vote Shop. (Be aware that the skin will be lost upon using it) Any item of the game can now be turned into skin including defense items. Added more guides on forum to help new players. Remember Position will no longer work while in Bless Castle. Fixed Vambrace position of left arm. Fixed Siege War date/time on the settings window. Fixed "Next Boss" timer on the server midnight. Fixed some window titles in the wrong position. Anti-Hacking System improved. Class Improvements and Fixes: Assassin: Wisp: Now is affected by attack speed. Fixed a problem with animation on monsters and description. Atalanta: Farina: Fixed an error on skill description. Knight: Holy Incantation: Fixed a bug where you can capture more than one monster at same time. Priestess: Holy Mind: Fixed description. Shaman: Added level 1 Shield Phantom to be used as one hand. Added spec Shaman on Orbs For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Manual Patch 3073 Links for our New Client Full will be released soon.
  22. For the whole week we will have a Double Exp Event and much other events! Also a lot of discounts in our Coin Shop. Check our promotions and events schedule for the week!
  23. Odin

    Patch 3170

    Halloween Event is now over. Sunday Siege War now is at 14PM server time. (Give us your feedback). Character Selection Updated: New animations added to character selection. Character items are now visible on character selection. Removed unecessary loadings from it. New Map on character selection. Vote Shop: Powerups prices reduced. Mini Pets prices reduced. Phoenix prices recuded. Sealing Compound price reduced. Enchantment Seal price reduced. Arcane Stone, Elder Stone, Aging Stone, Ripe Stone, Copper Ore price reduced. Added more Costumes. Coin Shop: Sapphire price reduced. Costumes price reduced. Remember Last Position added to the game. (If you wish to use it check the box on the General Settings window) Preparations for PVP Tokens System. Boss time reworked for better Bosses distribution. https://forum.losttale.com/index.php?/topic/1259-boss-time-schedule/ Challenge System now support Coin Bets. Changed the NPC of Skin System. Added an alert when someone open Ancient Treasure Box and receive rare items. Removed Costumes from FFA Winner Box. Added Rebirth Scroll, Magic core and Caravan Core to the map NPCs. Fixed some random crashes from game. Only Legendary and Epic mounts will be announced on HUD. Fixed some problems that will make server run more smoothly. Skills fixes: Archer: Golden Falcon attack interval fixed. Mechanician: Magnetic Spheres now can be recasted. Priestess: Healing effect crash fixed. Summon Ramiel and Muspell now can be recasted. For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Manual Patch 3070
  24. Odin

    Patch 3160

    Halloween Event Activated! 🎃 The scary Pumpkin Head is tormenting the Lost Tale continent! Kill them to collect Halloween items. Exchange this items at Billy, The Kid for nice rewards and exclusive Halloween Skins. Also a terrible creature are terrifying Sanctuary of Darkness. Only the bravest warriors can defeat it.This creature spawns two times per day. The Legendary Midnight Ride mount is spawning only during the event. Don't waste this chance to tame it. It,s for limited time! Login Screen Halloween theme is now active. Halloween Ricarten activated on game. New Mounts Added! Midnight Ride. (Halloween Event Exclusive) Armored Ivory Courser. Armored Forest Courser. Armored Azure Courser. Armored Royal Courser. Armored Bronze Courser. New Skin System added! More info to come For now only for Halloween Skins. Challenge System: Preparation Phase increased to 15 seconds. Slow, Freeze and Stun now are working properly. New Automatic Events added. (They will be planned to occur during the month) Enchantment Free. Relics Craft Free. Ghost Castle: Added a rare chance of Arcane Stone. Increased chance of Seal Compound and Enchantment Seal. Increased chance of Copper Bar. Reduced chance of low Premiuns. Prince Arena: Slightly increased chance of Sol and Sapphire. Increased chance of Copper Bar. Reduced chance of low Premiuns. TDM Winner: Increased chance of Copper Bar. Reduced chance of low Premiuns. TDM Loser: Increased chance of Copper Bar. Reduced chance of low Premiuns. FFA Top 10: Increased chance of Cooper Bar. Reduced chance of low Premiuns. Ancient Weapon and Secret Lab: Gold drop ammount rebalanced. Added Change Email option in the user Panel. Preparations for more Automatic Events. Fixed a bug on gold drop maximum capacity. Pets wont attack on challenge system anymore. Fixed level verification for spectate Challenges. Fixed a bug related to the Action Bar. Fixed a message on the Enchantment System. Improvements in the loading of the game. Fixed the login messages that were vanishing too fast Crystals and summons will show damage on display now. Fixed some quests description. Fixed some Personal Shop errors.
  25. Ragnar

    Patch 3157

    Challenge System released! New Solo and Clan Migrations Available! Preparations for Skin System! Preparations for Halloween Event! Sod Gold crown rebalanced for a more balanced PVP enviroment. (Give us your feedback about the PVP). Preparations for PVP Token System. TDM Winner: Added chance of Sol. Increased chance of Sapphire. Increased chance of Arcane Stone. Increased exp from 20B + 1B per kill to 80B + 2B per kill. TDM Loser: Increased exp from 10B + 1B per kill to 60B + 2B per kill. Free For All TOP 1: Added Sol. Added Fluence Stone. Free For All TOP 10: Added chance of Sol. Increased chance of Sapphire. Increased chance of Arcane Stone. Increased exp from 20B + 1B per kill to 80B + 2B per kill. Fury Arena: Increased chances of Cooper Bar. Reduced chances of low premiuns. Prince Arena: Increased chances of Sapphire and Sol. Increased chances of Arcane Stone. Slightly increased chances of items 128, 126. Ghost Castle: Added Sol chance. Increased chances of Cooper Bar. Improved anti hack false alarms. Fixed a bug that allowed defense and damage off events to affect SOD monsters. Fixed a bug that allowed players to attack outside Bless Castle danger zone. Fixed a bug that would not remove user's TDM and FFA HUD after changing maps. Fixed a bug that would randomly remove players from the PVP events. Internal server optimizations. Increased Soul Crystal time to 10 minutes. Fixed a bug that would make new characters not show up on ranking server. For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Manual Patch 3157
  26. Odin

    Patch 3156

    Preparations for Challenge System. (1x1) Preparations for new events. Bless Castle Siege War: Defenses rebalanced: Towers, Castle Door and Valhalla absorption reduced.(All clans will attack next Sunday). Now give rewards for second and third place even when the castle is defended. Repeatable Quests: Ancient Weapon Hunt Solo quest reduced from 30 to 20 monsters. Ancient Weapon Hunt Party quest reduced from 180 to 120 monsters. Daily Quests: Ancient Weapon Treasure quest reduced from 500 to 300 monsters. Fixed a problem with automatic ban and false positive situations. Fixed a bug related to select glow. Improvements on the server performance. Anti Hack improvements. Fixed possible game crashs. Fixed a bug ton the Item Name Changer on Coinshop. Ancient Weapon has only one respawn point now. Regen on visual HUD should be more precise now. Invulnerability timer removed when logging in. Space Key no longer closes the party window. Rings, amulet and sheltom can now be renamed on the Coinshop Service. Removed a bug where you could get banned when logged in lots of accounts. Removed some common words from the curse filter. Monsters from events, SOD will not received Damage Off debuff anymore. Fixed a bug where a message related to the mount system could be received wrongly. Fixed some costumes skins. Class Balance: Archer Defense Balance: Now Archer receive 0,8 defense for every point in Agility instead of 0,2. Dion's Eye: Attack Rating increase from 10% to 20%. Fixed a bug where attack rating was not updating correctly. Evasion Mastery: Evade increased from 23% to 24%. Phoenix Speed: Attack Rating reduction reduced from 20% to 10%. Assassin Attack Mastery: WP block rating increased from 90% to 100%. Attack rating increased from 25% to 35%. Alas: Evade increased from 25% to 28%. Blind: Cooldown reduced from 17.5 to 15 seconds. Frost Wind: Damage increased from 116% to 150%. Ninja Shadow: Cooldown reduced from 17.5 to 15 seconds. Shade Kick: Cooldown reduced from 17.5 to 15 seconds. Fighter Cyclone: Damage increased from 100% to 110%, Area 145 to 150 and number of targets 30 to 40. Mage Preparations for new skills. Spirit Elemental: Now add 30% min and max instead of 20%-40% Distortion: Increased duration from 7 to 10 seconds. Meteor: Damage increased from 75% to 85% and Area from 150 to 160. Martial Artist Attack Mastery: Attack Rating increased from 15% to 20%. Line Break: Number of targets increased from 30 to 40. Mechanician Precision: Bonus against monsters reduced from 50% to 30%. Pikeman Last Breath: Damage increased from 160% to 170%. Attack Rating Mastery: Now is based on total attack rating. Sinister Spin: Range increased from 150 to 160. For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Manual Patch 3156
  27. Harald

    Vote Shop improvements!

    Vote Shop Improvements! All prices reduced! Power Up: Hunt Power 8h added. Dion Power 8h added. Migal Might 8h added. Amplifier of HP 8h added. Amplifier of MP 8h added. Amplifier of STM 8h added. Wing Boots 8h added. Age/Mix Arcane Stone added. Added new tabs: Phoenix. Mini-Pet. By Voting you help the server grow up, and you receive "Points" to exchange for nice rewards! Check the Vote Shop NPC. Thanks for the Support! Enjoy Lost Tale!
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