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  5. Harald

    New Schedule Team Death Match Pool.

    Hello warriors. We are planning to add one extra Team Death Match event during the peak of online players. Here you can vote what time it's best for you. Thanks.
  6. Odin

    Patch 3125

    Added new arrows to indicate friends on the Team Deathmatch event. FFA does not show nicknames anymore and characters have same armor skin. TDM and FFA tickets now costs 1.000.000 Gold. TDM and FFA now has minimum level requirement of 130. Boss HP in HUD moved to be less intrusive. Crystals and summons are no longer allowed in Bless Castle. (Next Siege War all clans will attack). Bless Castle defenses rebalanced. Increased invulnerability time on Free For All Event. Fixed a problem where solo players werent able to update their SOD scores. Secret Laboratory solo quest number of monsters reduced. Reorganized PVP HUD. Fixed wrong hair preview on items. Fixed a problem where premium items would be lost if used on free for all event. Improvements on game cache system to better organize their information. Reduced time between kills to count towards multi kill. Refactoring of the damage system in progress. Upgrade on server performance when dealing with large crowds. Fixed Free For All NPC Text. Fixed a server crash. New Glow System added to the game. Fixed a bug where you could not get a repeatable quest. Fixed a bug related to player reconnections. Exp and Extra Drop events now will show up on the active event list. Next month's events planned and will be available in game as soon as the month begins. Poison damage now works with damage boost like other skills. Classes Changes: Archer: Stun Arrow should work properly in PVP now. Assassin: Soul Shock should work properly in PVP now. Frost Wind should work properly in PVP now. Atalanta: Shield Strike should work properly in PVP now. Frost Javelin should work properly in PVP now. Magician: Distortion should work properly in PVP now. Martial Artist: Barrage damage increased. Mechanician: Spark bonus damage and description fixed. Impulsion bonus damage and description fixed. Grand Smash Bonus against machine fixed. Fighter Roar should work properly in PVP now. Pikeman Ground Pike should work properly in PVP now. Priestess Glacial Spike should work properly in PVP now. Shaman Spiritual Manacle should work properly in PVP now and stun duration increased. Inertia should work properly in PVP now. For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Manual Patch 3125
  7. Harald

    Patch 3123

    Ghost Castle now is working properly. Fixed SOD Weekly rewards. Anti Hack improvements. Precision and Automation now add attack power properly and fixed status in the character screen. Fixed a bug where were possible to combine Precision with Metal Armor, Maximize. Fixed a bug where Mechanician had a delay to receive damage. Soul Crystal Added to the Time Shop. Fixed some skills bonus descriptions. Game Formulas rebalanced. Assassin, Pike and Knight receive more HP by strength point added Mage, Shaman receive more HP by Spirit point added. Atalanta, Auto Mech defense slightly reduced. Defense per level of all classes rebalanced. Auto Mech receive less HP by Agility point added. Auto Mech receive less attack power by Strenght point added. Spirit points now add more weight. For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Manual Patch 3123
  8. Odin

    Patch 3120

    New PVP Event: Free For All BETA (Different Rewards for Top 1, Top 10 and others). New Rewards added to the Team Death Match. (Different rewards for winner and loser Team). Sol Sheltom is now rewarded to the best solo SOD scores of each class weekly. Message added to weekly TDM score reset. New Aging Colors. (New testing colors). New Mix Colors. Ghost Castle Chest and Scroll of Fury now have a timer to be delivered to the NPC. Fixed auto-close messages that were not auto closing. Game crash related to the mini map fixed. Fixed a bug related to the Magic Core. Reduced monster number needed in some story mode quests. Added Summer and Tribal Costume to the Coin Shop. Ranking server bug fixed when there was not a top player on determined class. Anti Hack improvements. Fixed Wing Boots description. Mega Crystal Event added to the server. Crystals and Summoned Pets get stronger during this event. Server Events Improvement. Warning on the game HUD showing the active events. Free For All Ranking added to the NPC. Fixed Visual bug on Atalantas skills. Team Death Match and Free For All events are now limited to one person per computer. Aging and Mix colors added to armors and robes. (Can be turned off on video settings) Fixed a bug where the message that the game could not connect to the server would not appear on the login screen. Server Performance Improvements. Bless Castle now awards 3 Crowns. New Scroll Icons on windows. Hall of Valhala only works for party and raid members now. Backspace now hides characters names on the screen. Fixed a bug where the Change Spec NPC would not keep the item sockets. Boss should be unstuck more organically now. Server spawn management is now better. For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Patch 3120 manual update
  9. Harald

    Clan Migrations!

    Hello warriors, for a determined period you will be able to migrate your clan from another server. These are the prerequisites: Your clan need to have at least 15 members. All players need to create an account and character before requesting the migration. The migration consist in: Character with perfect aged items, gold and active premiuns. The migration package will be combined in the Facebook. To migrate your clan you must send the following information via Facebook. Server that you are migrating. Numbers of members and clan name. IDs and Character Nicknames of the members that are migrating. Then, the server administration will analyse your request and migrate in 24 to 48 hours, depending on the volume of requests. Portuguese Version: Olá guerreiros, por um período determinado de tempo você poderá migrar o seu clan de outros servidores. Esses são os pré requisitos: O clan deve ter no mínimo 15 membros. Todos jogadores precisam criar a conta e o personagem antes de pedir a migração. A migração consiste em: Personagem completo, itens perfeitos com aging, ouro e premiuns ativos. O pacote de migração será combinado no Facebook. Para migrar seu clan você precisa enviar uma mensagem com as seguintes informações via Facebook. Servidor que estão migrando. Quantidade de membros e nome do clan. IDs e nome dos persongens que estão migrando. Então, a administração do servidor irá avaliar e migrar dentro de 24 à 48 horas, dependendo do volume de migrações.
  10. Ragnar

    Patch 3119

    Upgraded the host server to a better machine. For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Patch 3118 manual update Patch 3119 manual update If you have any problems with the launcher or you're seeing this post after 06/01/2020, please download our new client full: https://losttale.com/downloads
  11. Ragnar

    Patch 3117

    Fixed quest rewards for martial artists. (visual). Poison damage now show the damage in the screen. Fixed hairpotions above N. Changed rolldice percent to enter the roll. Greedy defense slighty reduced. New loading screens with faster loading time. Reduced movement speed from premiums. Bless Castle buff will no longer work in Bellatra. Fixed a bug that would make player lose top level when changing nickname. New TeamDeathmatch visual hud. Changed mech defense formula. Changed characters speed formula. Added new solo quest to Secret Laboratory. Some server improvements. New Ranking System Released! Check it out on the old NPC In Ricarten Town Classes Changes: Archer: Phoenix Blessing movement speed reduced. MP and STM consumption reduced. Assassin: Wisp duration increased. Atalanta: Amazon Rage movement speed reduced. MP and STM consumption reduced. Mechanician: Trine Shield don't reduce damage of Grand Smash anymore. But block, absorption and defense reduced. MP and STM consumption reduced. Trine Shield can't be used with Automation anymore. Fixed Automation and Precision descriptions. Priestess: Holy Mind duration increased. For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Patch 3117 manual update
  12. Ragnar

    Patch 3112

    Fixed a game crash when loading the game for the first time. Share Password now is working properly. Preparations for new Ranking npc in game. Reduced chance of monsters use area skills in Ice Mine. Reduced damage of special skills from monsters in Ice Mine. Reworked Ice Mine spawn to not need lurer. Fixed fury scroll description. Fixed a crash related to visual effects. Fury arena now has a 2 player per machine limit.(Rewards will be rebalanced in the next update) Ghost castle is limited to 1 user per machine instead of per IP. Team Death Match is now 4 times a day at 2AM, 9AM, 2PM, 9PM Server Time. Increased time of Soul Crystal to 5 minutes. Soul Crystal price reduced. Improved server performance and game update when in a huge HS. Changed skills delays for: Ground pike. Perfect Aim Glacial Spike. Removed Valento and Mokovian from the Story Mode to make easier for begginer's. Fixed several quest texts. Ghost Shield now is Babel Shield, new skin and new stats. (You can respec it to get new stats, or if already aged ask for support). Godly 1h items now are Hades items. Skill Master A B C price reduced. For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Patch 3112 manual update
  13. Ragnar

    Patch 3110

    Added the option to use left click in several skills. Fixed incorrect descriptions in several items Fixed a bug that would make some hairstyles not work. Changed order of quests in the questbook(visual change only). Temporary fix to a problem that was causing the server to lag(next update we will make a more permanent fix). For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Patch 3110 manual update
  14. Ragnar

    Patch 3105

    Anti Hack improvements. Server performance improved. Fixed some connections problems. Fixed several servers crashs. Added Quest NPC icons. Added new Story Mode quest in Ice Mine. Ice Mine monsters damage reduced in 10%. Added 2 more monsters for the minor spawns in Ice Mine. Added NPC texts to Story Mode. Tulla now have chances of drop 118 items. Added Rings and Amulets 114 to the drop list. Ghost Shield added to Ghost Castle Rewards. Changed minimum level for TDM event to 120. Fixed player level ranking to update their level up date correctly. For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Patch 3105 manual update
  15. Harald

    Vote Shop improvements!

    Hello warriors! Our Vote Shop has been completely renovated. Earrings, New Premiuns, Aging Stones, Forces and Soccer Costumes added! Also prices reduced! Check our new Vote Shop NPC! Good game!
  16. Ragnar

    Patch 3104

    Players who fall into the lava will now die at Team death match. Fixed a quest bug when handling monster kills. Added greedy spawn indication to the minimap. Chances of Ice Worm spawn in Ice Mine reduced. Fixed bug where some monsters in AW dropped 0 gold. Fixed a quest indication bug. Atalanta: Storm Javelin damage increased. Extreme Rage damage increased. Frost Javelin resistance bug fixed. Lightining Javelin damage reduced. For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Patch 3104 manual update
  17. Odin

    Patch 3099

    Fixed some server stalls and crashes Corrected some quest information on the game. Fixed a bug where player could win the login prize while logging in. Server logs refactored for better performance. Team Deathmatch Beta Released for players PVP Event happening twice a day at 9AM and 9PM Server Time. The Top 3 scores of the event will receive a weekly reward. Vote Shop added to the game. You can now vote for the server through this NPC and get rewards. Bosses in quests will count for party and raid. Distortion, Glacial Spike, Inertia, Spiritual Manacle, Roar, Stun Arrow, Ground Pike and Soul Shock now work properly in PVP. Fixed a bug where you could not relog after a disconnect or crash. Several game modifications to avoid crashes. Frost Wind and Frost Javelin now work properly in PVP. Fixed a problem that would make ice phoenix freeze indefinitely. Debuffs should now work in PVP. New Level Cap added: Level cap 140. New map added (Ancient Weapon lv. 140). New items (Godly Set). ET3 is now 125. Ice Mine is now 130. Secret Laboratory is now 135. New quests added. Shared Password System Beta Released The configuration is done within the user panel. Must be tested before full use. Fixed Evade Cap. Modified characters critical cap for assassin and pikeman Weekly Rewards added to the top solo sod classes. Fixed a game crash that would occur by pressing keys on the keyboard. New Roll Dice UI released. Fixed a bug where the item box buttons would appear swapped. Grand Fury UI should now work properly. Daily quests resets at midnight server time instead of 24 hours after the quest is done. New Website Released! Changed some quests monsters killed requirement. Draxos Boots drop chance increased ET3 repeatable quest exp increased. For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Patch 3099 manual update
  18. Odin

    Patch 3096

    New initial level set to 90! Top level bug fixed (each player has to log in to update their classes) Fixed some problems with TDM. Scratch now shows its attack rate boost on the information. Corrected several skills descriptions. Fixed a bug where you could store beginners costumes on the warehouse. Security improvements on the login system. New system of coin trading, you can now use them in the trade window * Fixed a server crash related to the party system. Improvements on the game performance. Caravans are now following the player. Party teleport shall not be used any longer on Bless Castle. New quests via QuestBook! New Solo Quests. New Party Quests. Story mode released! User Interface Update Target. Quest book. Coinshop / Shoptime. Settings. Social. Boss HP. Skills. Display Alert. Confirmation Boxes. Teleport Core. Distributor. New game font. Party System Party now shows each members buffs! Fixed a game crash related to Ghost Castle window. Roll Dice is now 1 per computer, not per network as previously. New launcher interface. Fixed game crashes related to input boxes. Fixed aging colors. Ghost Bracelets rewards chance increased. Chances of Aging stones, Elder stones and Sapphires increased in Ghost Castle. Added new costume for Magic classes in the Time Shop. Fixed Idhas costume stats. Game formulas updated: Magician, Shaman, Knight, Fighter, Mechanician now gain less Attack Power when using Talent and Agility points. Classes Changes: Assassin: Dual Wield Mastery Attack Power increased. Blind After Damage increased. Attack Mastery attack rating increased. Knight: Knight Strength formula reworked. Now it will increase more Attack Power. Sword Mastery slightly increased. Magician: Meteor area slightly increased. Mechanician: Mechanician Strength formula reworked. Now it will increase more Attack Power. Maximize % reduced. Grand Smash slightly increased * Old coin runes have to be exchanged via support through forum or facebook. For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Patch 3096 manual update
  19. Odin

    Patch 3091

    Game crash problem solved. Event TDM will be available in Beta for testing. New window designs are in progress. Monster will become reddish when on lower life percentage. Fixed font on the map warning. Anti-hack improvements. Teleport core now shows the maps on hover and travel on click. Fixed level verification on boxes. Multi Kill System added to the game. (Works on Bless Castle, Secret Laboratory and TDM Event.) Rework on Top Level and PVP King system. Aging System rewritten and fixed wrong messages. Fixed possible game crash. Classes Changes: Shaman: Scratch now add attack rating. Judgement damage increased. Priestess: Multi Spark cast speed increased. Holy Reflection now is Holy Spirit and reduce damage taken at cost of MP regeneration. Regeneration Field now only works to party and raid members Summon Ramiel now adds critical. Knight: Grand Cross attack rating increased. Holy Justice attack rating increased. For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Patch 3091 manual update Patch 3092 manual update Patch 3093 manual update Patch 3094 manual update
  20. Ragnar

    News about the server

    Hello, warriors. Since the last couple of months the server has grown at a very fast pace. And because of that Odin and I can't keep up with administrating and developing for the server. So we decided to bring an extra set of hands to the table. From now on, our friend, @GM-Harald will be the administration of the server. This means that any player interaction, any question, suggestion and support goes through him. Odin and I will be exclusively focused on programming. This will free us to focus in bringing new features and fixing bugs in the server.
  21. Odin

    Patch 3087

    Fixed some game crashes related to character models. New login screen added to the game. Added security measures server side to help with the bug that people log in and don't receive more information from the server. Account Panel Improvements New accounts have to be activated though e-mail validation now. Password change is now done though e-mail validation now. You can now ask for a new password if you forgot your old one. Server and Game Anti-hack improvements. Easter Event started! Learn more here. Scroll of Fury is no longer a tradable item. Added Sapphire Force package to the Coin Shop. Earrings price reduced in the Time Shop. Consecration absorption increased but now add half of their atribbutes to party and raid members. Death Ray attack rating increased. During the weekend there will be aging free active For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Patch 3087 manual update Patch 3088 manual update
  22. Odin

    Patch 3081

    Preparations for Easter Event. Antihack improvements. Fixed some game memory leaks. Item Perfectize and Item Swap services now allow you to change the item spec. Fixed SoD Crown stat bug. Monsters during GM events will drop items to the floor. Improvements in the T5 bug that caused players to loose it. (Still monitoring). Improvements in the server handling of big crowds (should make PVP feel more responsive). Fixed loading of in game rankings. Fixed some translations. Changed recepies for crafting socket items. Improved server performance. Fixed roll dice bug. Fury Arena will now damage those who remain AFK. Added Meteors that deal damage inside the fury arena. Fixed a bug that would prevent players from changing chat tabs while selling items in personal shop. Added new options to out settings: Lock UI Hide global notifications New Earring added to the Time Shop. Monster balancing: Bosses HP increased. Lord Babel and King Babel rebalanced. Secret Laboratory rune drop chance slightly increased. SOD and Ghost Castle monsters abs and hp rebalanced. New Bosses Added to Events. Classes Changes: Mage: Death Ray now add attack rate %. Amplifier is now Spell Mastery and give critical chance based on your weapon. Priestess: Fixed a bug that would doubled multi spark final damage. Multi spark now has critical and damage improved. We have done some major changes in our server to make areas with many players feel less laggy, we will need your feedback in this change. Since the changes are many, we will be monitoring the stability of it. Before the changes: After: For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Patch 3081 manual update Patch 3082 manual update Patch 3083 manual update
  23. Odin

    Patch 3079

    Fixed a random bug related to the notice system that could send false alerts when boss items were picked up. Preparations for dungeon event. Added new classes to site rankings. Added new classes items to item list on the forum. Fixed some bugs in the rankings.
  24. Odin

    Patch 3078

    Fixed some game exploits. Fury Arena window fixed. New window available in game: Event Window. Macros can now be used in the login screen. Character speed tunned up. 'Notice' can now be activated on the quick options menu. Fixed a game crash. New socket system available. Sheltom clonning window now shows the success chances. Fixed an item related problem in the game. Manufacture System reworked to allow us to create new recipes for future events and features. Random Tier 5 skills bug where you would loose skills should not happen with the same frequency. Candies and Chocolates now work properly. Top Level buff added back. SoD Silver and Bronze buffs have changed. Fixed a visual bug related to Bless Castle Crown. Costumes can now be stored in the warehouse. Added option to activate/deactivate the loot filter on the quick options menu. Earrings prices reduced at Coin Shop. Mega Exp Pot price reduced. Drop chance of 118 Armor, Robe and Set slightly increased. Bosses are now affected by Poison Damage. Monsters and Bosses HP and ABS rebalanced. Class stones removed from Bless Castle. Shaman,Archer, Auto Mech, Magician and Priestess now lose less attack power when using Vitality. Damage formulas on all classes rebalanced. Skill Changes: Magician Death Ray casting speed increased. Flame Wave damage increased. Fighter Boost Health HP slightly reduced. Fire Weapon critical reduced. We are aware about the lag in PVP areas and until the next patch we will be focusing on that issue. This is a common thing because of the structure of the game and we are working to improve it. For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Patch 3078 manual update
  25. Ragnar

    Patch 3075

    Fixed game exploit. Added new event items can now be perfectize. (Ghost Castle Bracelets, King Fury Gauntlets). Fixed a server crash. Reduced minimum damage needed to participate the roll dice. Changed speed cap for characters(still in testing). Changed Draxos Boots level requirement.
  26. Odin

    Patch 3073

    White Chocolate and Lollipop now can be obtained in the Time Shop and Coin Shop. Fixed War Mode Icon. HairStyle S and T is now only obtained in the Coin Shop. SOD gold distribution between rounds revisited. Vitality does not add defence anymore Dion's Eye attack rate % fixed. Phoenix Speed Attack Rate reduction reduced. Fixed crash related with stun. Increased minimum damage needed to get into bosses roll. Fixed items dissapearing after sometime with loot filter enabled. Changed characters HP formulas. Added new service to change your item's name on Coin Shop. Preparations for item awakening. Preparations for Event Calendar. Bless Castle Points system reworked. Towers absorption descreased. Now the HP of the towers are properly shown in the HP Bar. Ice and Lightining tower attack rating and special area reduced. Ghost Castle New premiuns added. Rewards Improved. Chances of getting premiuns increased. Ghost Bracelets chances increased. Hair styles removed. Sapphire added. Fury Arena Rewards Improved From now on you will always gain experience and a reward. Added sheltons. Chances of premiuns increased. For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Patch 3073 manual update
  27. Odin

    Patch 3069

    Fixed game crash related to distributor. Fixed TimeShop to work properly. Fixed game crash that was ocorring while people were exping. Fixed problem with Bless Castle defences. Boss regen only works on Valento as intended. Preparations for new packages in the coinshop with discounts. Fixed SoD bug where more than one team could not gain points. Anti-Hack improvements. Fixed server crash related to the party system. Server improvement to mitigate problem with characters dissappearing. Fixed Top Level NPC to show the correct values. Improvements on the automatic event system. Corrected text on the Top PVP icon. Fixed RainMaker defense bug in PVP. New Items added, Ghost Bracelets and Fury Gauntlets are now obtained in Ghost Castle and Fury Arena respectively. Changed range attack in monsters from Secret Laboratory. Rebalanced values from Aging related items in CoinShop. For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Patch 3069 manual update Patch 3070 manual update
  28. Ragnar

    Patch 3068

    Fixed problem that caused characters to lose items. New premiums added to be sold in Time Shop. Preparations for Time Shop. Fixed premiums description. Added verifications to party teleport. Added new broken item restauration scroll to items aged to +16. For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Patch 3068 manual update
  29. Odin

    Patch 3066

    Fixed several server and game crashes. Fixed DC4 that was happening to some players randomly. Preparations for Shop Time. New function added to the party: Teleport to members, you just have to right click on them in the party UI. Fixed Energy Shield and Rain Maker not working as intended against monsters.
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