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  5. Ragnar

    Patch 3039

    Incresed level cap. Map ad2 is unlocked. Map secret laboratory released! New item set released(level 122)
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  8. Ragnar

    Vote Points and new User Panel!

    New Account Panel Released! It has a much cleaner and friendly user experience. Vote System added! Gain points voting for the server and exchange them for prizes! Donation now shows more clearly their bonuses. Clan management much more easy to use. You can now see the items from your distributor and discard them from the panel. More updates to come! If you have a suggestion, please use or suggestion board! How do I get Vote Points? Go to your user panel and click on the left tab Vote Points, then click on the 'Vote Now!' button at the bottom. For each completed vote you get 1 VP. You can vote every 24 hours!
  9. Odin

    Patch 3037

    Server performance improvements and security measures added. Anti-hack Improvements. Bless Castle Siege Taxes are now charged again for further testing. Fixed server crash. Login system refactored in the server side. Party System performance improvements. Fixed drawning of old UI parts. Main bosses should no longer drop gold. New Account Panel Released! It has a much cleaner and friendly user experience. Vote System added! Gain points voting for the server and exchange them for prizes! Donation now shows more clearly their bonuses. Clan management much more easy to use. You can now see the items from your distributor and discard them from the panel. More updates to come! If you have a suggestion, please use or suggestion board!
  10. Odin


    Hello warriors, from October 30rd to November 15th you will be able to migrate your account from another server. These are the prerequisites: Your character cannot be unleved or very low level on your origin server. The server must have compatible rates with our server. You must transfer your account to the server email that will be sent to you after you request the migration. You must create an account before requesting the migration. There will be 3 character categories you will be able to receive: Character level 96, full perfect items level 96. Character level 100, full perfect items level 100. Character level 110, full perfect items level 104. To migrate your account you must send the following information via forum to @Odin or @Ragnar or via Facebook. Server Website: Character Nickname: Character Level: ID: Password: Items: Email you used to create your account here in LostTale: Then, the server administration will evaluate your account and migrate in 24 to 48 hours, depending on the volume of requests. Portuguese Version: Olá guerreiros, de 30 de outubro a 15 de novembro você poderá migrar a sua conta de outros servidores. Esses são os pré requisitos: Seu personagem não pode ser do level inicial ou de level muito baixo no servidor de origem. O servidor precisa ter rates compativeis com as do LostTale. Você deverá transferir a sua conta para o email que será enviado para você depois de pedir a migração. Você deve criar uma conta antes de pedir migração. Você poderá receber personagens de três categorias: Personagem level 96, full itens perfeitos level 96. Personagem level 100, full itens perfeitos level 100. Personagem level 110, full itens perfeitos level 104. Para migrar a sua conta você precisaa enviar uma mensagem com as seguintes informações via fórum para @Odin ou @Ragnar ou via Facebook. Site do Servidor: Nick do Personagem: Level do Personagem: ID: Senha: Items: Email utilizado pra criar a conta no LostTale. Então, a administração do servidor irá avaliar sua conta e migrar dentro de 24 à 48 horas, dependendo do volume de migrações.
  11. pedroka


  12. Odin

    Patch 3034

    Halloween Event is active! You can now press enter to accept items from Distributor NPC. Change PVP absorption formula. Fixed Boss sheltom in Mix NPC. Phantoms can now be sent to mix NPC with right click. Changed new classes items prices. Changed talent requirement for new classes items. Fix bug where some windows had their name in the wrong place. ExDeath now has 10% buff against monsters. Last Breath delay time reduced. Holy Justice and Grand Cross were buffed. Survival Instict was nerfed. Splash Nature and Saggitarius Rain were balanced. Holy Valor and Holy Body cannot be used with Holy Conviction anymore. Anti Hack Improvements. Halloween Costumes have a spooky Halloween Effect. Mix Name now appears in the Mix NPC when the mix formula is right. Mix Guide introduced! Now there's a NPC next to Mix NPC in Ricarten that shows you call Mixes available.
  13. pedroka


    Winner @pedroka
  14. Ragnar

    Patch 3033

    Fixed Item Swap 114. Fixed Dead Ray not getting spirit elemental bonus. Fixed requirements stats of items changed with new spec stones.
  15. Odin

    Patch 3030

    Daily Rewards System released! You can now win rewards for logging in every day! Introducing "Spec Stones" and "Deluxe Spec Stones" that changes your item spec even if it has Aging or Mix. Deluxe Spec Stones keep the original stats. Normal Spec Stones ramdomize the original stats. The NPC to use this stones is Lucy, located close to the Phillai's warehouse. New Coin Shop System You can now preview Hairstyles and Costumes. Change Nick Service. Item Swap Service. Item Perfectize Service. Does not change item spec. Change Class Service and Change Class Premium Service. Change Class Premium Services includes 8 x Spec Stones of the new class you choose. Normal Change Class doesn't include any Spec Stone. Change Class includes Nick Change. Item Perfectize price was balanced with the item level. Item Distributor now sends a notification in chat to the player when an item is received. Fixed a bug where users would not received the reward from "Online Rewards". Preparations for Halloween Event. Swiftness now can be used with swords. Several Pikeman skills now can be used on the left mouse shortcut. Avenging Crash attack rate boost now is applied only to weapon. Seismic Impact damage reduced. PVP King Buff now adds 100 HP instead of 150. Skill Berserker values are now calculated in percentage. Death Ray damage was buffed. Martial Artist skill Defense Mastery is now Attack Mastery.
  16. Odin

    Halloween Event

    What is this Event about? It's Halloween time! Which means trick or treat! There's someone standing in Ricarten Town asking people for Halloween Supplies! Those only drop from the Pumpkin Ghost. Unfortunately for him, he is too young and scared to go hunt for supplies by himself. Thus, he has been the entire year gathering a very good collection of items, and are now trading them for the supplies! How about we give him some treats or else he might trick us? How can I participate in this Event? Pay a visit to "Billy, The Kid" whose location is at Ricarten Town and follow his instructions. You must collect 10 halloween supplies of any kind, these are all of them: After gathering all supplies needed, talk to Billy again and get your reward! We wish you all a very spooky halloween!
  17. Ragnar

    Server Trailer

    Hello Warriors, We're here to share a nice video that one of our players made Thanks @Anonymous!
  18. Ragnar

    Patch 3026

    Skill Hyper Sonic now works properly. Fixed a problem where the stats formula were not working properly. New distributor released! Now you can choose what items to withdraw from the NPC. Fixed skill Hall of Valhalla not applying its boost correctly. Wind Arrow has no delay now. Tier 5 summons cannot tank bosses any longer. Accuracy system for PVP and PVE Changes(Defence formula changed). Fixed problem where Sinister Spin, Tiger Cannon and Line Break would not apply their damage as intended. Fixed skill Defense Mastery not working properly. Skills Force of Nature and Hall of Valhala can now be recast properly. Hunting Hawk now has no delay. Area skills now deal less damage in PVP. Skills missing should now be cancelled properly in the server side. Fixed a problem with skills that should not be used together. New skills should be cancelled properly when the player dies. Ice Meteorite now can be seen by all users and fixed its damage calculation. Virtual Life now has a reduced damage taken by 10% against monster and shows correctly its to everyone. Bless Castle reward now should work properly both in defense and attack mode. Bless Castle HUD now is more clean. Fixed MP and SP usage from Shaman Skills. Battle Points cannot be gained from accounts logged in the same IP address. Inpes now should apply the values correctly. Last Breath now has 100% DMG against demons and its damage percentage was boosted. Venom Spear should work properly now. Sinister Spin now has more details on information. Attack Mastery and Dual Wield Mastery should work properly. Kiss of the Viper now applies the bonus properly. Screenshot System was enhanced.
  19. Ragnar

    Patch 3023

    Hotfix Ata Poison Javeling dealing too much damage fixed. Fixed Poison Javeling not being able to deal poison from distance
  20. Odin

    Patch 3021

    Extreme Rage and Vengeance now scale with the characters attack speed. Fixed problem where you couldn't click the quest alert guide in the top left of the screen. Grand Smash now deals half of its damage while the Trine Shield is being used. Trine Shield stats now are based on shield stats. Fixed a bug related to Seismic Impact. Shield related skills are now cancelled in case you are not using a shield. Seismic Impact now shows the correct information and the effect was slight enhanced. Magic classes 1x1 skills now take in consideration attack rating when hitting their targets. Fixed a bug where the quest counter would not update properly. Poison now shows its damage to people close. Fixed a bug where Mechanician would be banned in Bless Castle. Several skill now are usable on both right and left mouse shortcut. Fixed a bug where Spark could work while having Automation being used. Fixed a bug where Shaman could be banned for using Big Head. Characters now received one extra elite skill point for every 2 levels after level 80. Fixed a bug that prevented aged items from shinning as intended. Ice meteorite now deals damage 2 times
  21. Ragnar

    Patch 3020

    Fixed aging percentage not appearing correctly in aging window. Broken item now has correct description. Devil Shy now spawns correctly (first spawn at the entrance of et2). Fixed crash related to SOD and new classes. Added ice effect to Ice Meteorite. Fixed Weapon Defence mastery information. Seismic Impact damage boosted and damage against demons added. HP capacity boost of Survival Instinct nerfed. Fixed HP regen formula of the game. Fixed bug related to split stack. Fixed display damage appearing while window not focused. Fixed a bug related to T5 and assassin's bighead. Added delay to Priest T4 Lightning skill. Ice Meteorite damage boosted. Fixed Ramiel attack and chain evade. T5 Titles corrected in character information. Nerfed Priest skill against undead and fixed cause of lag in big spawns. Fixed a bug related to Union Core. Added Virtual Life reduce damage description. Added chain of Critical from Brutal Swing to Seismic Impact. Reduced delay of Seismic Impact and increased speed of casting. Fixed Fire Weapon information in character. Improved monster spawns sligthly. Boosted Dual Wield Mastery. Boosted polluted damage. Sore Blade now has extra damage against mutant and normal monsters. Kiss of The Viper now has delay.
  22. Ragnar

    Regarding Balance

    Hello warriors, we have created a post to focus all the feedback on the classes and skills balancing. We would appreciate your feedback.
  23. Odin

    Patch 3018

    Come join us in Ricarten Town!
  24. Odin

    Patch 3018

    Fixed a bug related to maximize skill. Fixed Bellatra icon texts. Fixed Magician costumes not working. Top Level Player text now has a different color and its shown all the time like Bellatra's Crown. Fixed a bug where shield model would dissappear. Fixed a bug where you could not accept clan invites. Advent Migal now shows the correct values. Fixed a bug where Nervers of Steel would not work. Fixed a bug where the server could crash. Anti-hack improvements. Guardian Saint Crystal should work properly. Fixed problem with aging window with Vambraces. Fixed mature problem with Daggers and Phantoms. Devil Shy now has fixed spawn and have roll dice. Fixed Attack Rating of Boss Set Effect. Rage and Swift Axe now have 13% ATK Boost in level 10. Martial Artist Area skills are now shown properly. Tier 5 Released! New skills for all characters! Assassin Shadow Bomb Kiss of the Viper Shade Kick Shadow Storm Pikeman Last Breath Attack Rating Mastery Final Spear Ex-Death Priestess Ice Elemental Ice Meteorite Summon Ramiel Consecration Magician Wizard's Trance Magic Source Amplify Execration Atalanta Arcuda Poison Javelin Amazon Rage Javelin Mastery Fighter Inner Soul Seismic Impact Survival Instinct Fire Weapon Shaman Creed Press Deity Phantom Nail Occult Life Martial Artist Defense Mastery Hunting Hawk Line Break Hard Training Archer Stun Arrow Phoenix Speed Nature Splash Saggitarius Rain Mechanic Precision HyperSonic Rolling Smash Trine Shield Knight Undead Bane Holy Justice Holy Conviction Crescent Moon Skill Points for T5 will be shared with T4, in the future we will introduce quests to add more points and balance it further more. After this patch we will focus on balancing the classes and your input on this matter is very important, please send us your feedback so we can improve the game and make it fair to everyone. Thanks!
  25. Ragnar

    Aging Free and Monster Damage Reduction

    This is it, warriors. This is the opportunity for those who want to age their items and pay only the sheltoms for it! Monsters have 25% less damage than normally!
  26. Odin

    Patch 3017

    Hotfix: Phantoms and Daggers should now have the correct stats.
  27. Ragnar

    Patch 3015

    Removed delay from skills: Stinger Running hit Sore blade Gust slash Meteorite Dark bolt Dark wave Spiritual flare Phantom call Scratch Double back spin Elbow Rush Tiger Cannon Leap Smash Allowed Mage's meteorite to be used in the left skill slot. Fixed poluted skill to be used only in right skill slot. Fixed mana usage of frost wind.
  28. Hello warriors, in this update we have new classes added to the game. Since this is a big update we will keep watching how to server behaves to that changes closely, so you might feel a little lag. If you feel too much lag please report. You'll have to download a new version of our client full since we had big changes in the game. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1teJmoBb3CqJbsGCBGM9_qxR3lLK_6-7f/view The new classes are: Shaman Assassin Martial Artist These classes will be balanced as we gather feedback from you. No values/delays are final in any way. Alongside with them there were a couple of fixes that were made: Fixed characters damage formulas to use weapon damage. Fixed mage buffs not working on AOE skills. Implemented a new way of calculating skill bonus to use it in AOE skills. Archer's Phoenix now can be used with SHIFT. Ata's buffs now can be recast. Overall server performance improvement.
  29. Ragnar

    Patch 3009

    Removed venom spear verification against bosses. Fixed Pikeman's Venom Spear description. (It's based on your damage) Fixed Mage's Elemental Spirit skill. Fixes monster counter in boss, repeatable and daily quests. Fixed Clever Newter Teleport. Repeatable Quests now gives progressively less exp as your level gets higher than the quest.
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