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  • Disassemble

    This is a new feature where players can Disassemble items to exchange for nice rewards.
    The process is very simple, and can be made in every Blacksmith or Store of the game.

    Rewards include Premiuns, Stones, Runes, Equipments of same level, Boss Scrolls and much more.

    Disassembling Items:

    In order to disassemble a item, you need to found any Blacksmith or Store NPC.
    By talking with this NPCs you will notice a "Disassemble Button".
    You just need to click on it.


    After that a new Window will open, that allow you to make the process.
    To disassemble you just need to put the item on the left side, and then click on "Disassembe".

    When the process is finished, you will automatically receive a random reward on your inventory.


    This process cost only 5KK gold, and are limited to specific items of level 126 and 128.
    Check our Item List for more information.

    Disassemble YouTube video guide: