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  • Craft System

    The Craft System consist in creating, or upgrading items by using a combination of materials.
    Every craft have an specific recipe that need to be used.
    This process is made through an NPC called "Master Shalon", located in Ricarten Town.

    Boss Set Craft:

    There is three Boss items that can be crafted using this process.
    They are Prince Ring, Yagditha Amulet and Flame Sheltom.
    To craft them you will need to found specific items, following these recipes below:

    itOR256.jpg.c882e74e956ddf1d1adcdd0949183d24.jpg Prince Ring: 1 Valento Ring + 3 Prince Essence + 300KK Gold.

    itOA156.jpg.9a7d84c95f0222ef9ff114fdee18c196.jpg Yagditha Amulet: 1 Kelvezu Amulet + 3 Yagditha Essence + 300KK Gold.

    itos197.jpg.3a1b63bcf5e9d9ca441a64a22b70b73d.jpg Flame Sheltom: 1 Mokova Sheltom + 3 Flame Maiden Essence + 300KK Gold.

    Note that Boss Set need to be clean, the craft will not work with mixed items.

    This essences can be adquired in the following Events and Bosses:

    Prince Essence:  Rewards from Prince rewards at Fury Arena.
    Yagditha Essence: Dropped from Yagditha in Abyss of the Sea.
    Flame Maiden Essence: Dropped from Flame Maiden in Heart of Fire.

    After found this items the first step is talk with "Master Shalon" in Ricarten Town.
    On the left side of the window, you will add the part of Boss Set that you want to upgrade.
    And on the right side the three Essences.
    After that you will click in the "+" button, and it will show an confirmation window.
    Also it will show the success chance and price of the process.
    Now you just need to click "Ok" and wait it to be manufactured.


    Note that this process have 100% sucess chance and all the items will be consumed.
    Also the stats of the item will be totally random.

    Belt Craft:

    Belts are new items that can be crafted by using Belt Recipes.
    To craft a Belt you need to follow the recipe below.

    Belt Recipe + 1 Sol + 2 Sapphires + 30KK Gold =
    itBE101.png.d3ff8e2e4eaabd1852c93779acdda374.pngCloth Belt

    This process have a 20% sucess chance, and the item stats are all random in case of sucess.


    Upgrading Crystals Craft:

    Upgrading Crystals are used to upgrade Belts.
    To craft it you just need to follow the following recipes:

    Sol + 3 Silver Ores + 50KK Gold =
    itPR201.png.f816043e9177eebe384cf5e792a48804.pngSilver Crystal
    Sol + 3 Gold Ores + 100KK Gold =
    itPR202.png.0c00206e991f3727b1284ae8734149cb.pngGold Crystal
    Sol + 3 Turquoise Ores + 150KK Gold =
    itPR203.png.2bb877942b22a63b89023544e8fb5691.pngTurquoise Crystal
    Sol + 3 Quartz Ores + 200KK Gold =
    itPR204.png.e371f5e4fa6356dadbc68783f0cbc0eb.pngQuartz Crystal


    To upgrade the Belts you need to use the Upgrading System.

    Rune Craft:

    The process to craft runes is similar.
    You will just need to use the following recipes:

    Teiwaz + 3 Simple Runes + 2KK Gold = Intermediary Rune
    Teiwaz + 3 Intermediary Runes + 4KK Gold = Advanced Rune
    Teiwaz + 3 Advanced Runes + 10KK Gold = Supreme Rune


    The chances of sucess varie according to the rune quality.
    High quality runes are harder to craft.

    Relic Craft:

    In order to craft relics you will need to found the Relic Recipe and Bosses Soul Shards.
    To craft it you need to follow the recipes below:

    Relic Recipe + 3 Babel Soul Shards + 20KK Gold = Babel Axe
    Relic Recipe + 3 Valento Soul Shards + 25KK Gold = Valento Helmet
    Relic Recipe + 3 Kelvezu Soul Shards + 30KK Gold = Kelvezu Horn
    Relic Recipe + 3 Mokovian Soul Shards + 35KK Gold = Mokovian Hood
    Relic Recipe + 3 Fury Soul Shards + 40KK Gold = Fury Mane
    Relic Recipe + 3 Devil Shy Soul Shards + 45KK Gold  = Devil Shy Dress
    Relic Recipe + 3 Tulla Soul Shards + 50KK Gold = Tulla Coat
    Relic Recipe + 3 Draxos Soul Shards + 55KK Gold = Draxos Sword
    Relic Recipe + 3 Greedy Soul Shards + 60KK Gold = Greedy Aircraft
    Relic Recipe + 3 Yagditha Soul Shards + 65KK Gold = Yagditha Spear


    Note that stronger relics are harder to craft, and have more chances of failure.