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  • Character Talisman

    This new system was created with the purpose to make much easier to negotiate characters.
    It allows you to sell/buy/trade your character safely with no risks.


    • Store your character inside one Special Talisman through Coin Shop.
    • All stats and items of your character will be shown in the item description.
    • Use the "Mouse Scroll" to navigate between pages.
    • Sell/Buy/Trade characters with no risks.
    • Talismans can be sold at Personal Store/Shop or traded.
    • Activate the character on the Account by "Right Click" the item.

    Store Character to the Talisman:

    The service can be made through the Coin Shop in the Services tab.


    Click in the Character Talisman to open the service window.



    Now you just need to select the character on the account that you want to store into the Talisman.
    The price of the service is based on the Character Level.
    Note that you can't transfer the current logged character, need to be one different character from account.
    After buy the service the Talisman will be sended directly to your inventory.
    The character is now stored inside the Talisman, and can't be used until added again to one Account.
    By passing the mouse through the item it will show all the information about the character, Items, Relics, Mounts.
    Note that all equipped items will be shown, also Mixed or Aged items that are in the inventory.
    Talismans can be traded and sold at Personal Store/Shop.




    Activating the Talisman:

    To activate your character is very simple.
    "Right Click" the Talisman and click Ok.


    Done, the character will be automatically added to your current account.
    Note that Warehouse and Personal Store are not transfered.