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  • Challenge

    Challenge is a new exclusively feature added to Lost Tale. In this system players are able to fight other players in 1x1 and bet gold or coins.
    The player who wins the battle receive part of the total bet.
    It's the time to prove that you are the strongest warrior in an honored and fair fight!


    • Players can challenge other players as many times they want.
    • There's a maximum difference of 5 levels to challenge.
    • The minimum bet is 1kk gold and 50 coins.
    • The maximum bet is 500kk.
    • The fight will be at Battle Town arena.
    • Other players can spectate the fight by using a command in the chat.

    Challenging other players:

    To challenge other players you need to click in the character HUD options, and click in Challenge.
    After it a window will open asking how much gold you want to bet.
    By adding the ammount of gold you want to bet and click ok, other player will receive the challenge request.

    Is necessary that both players have the minimum gold ammount in the character inventory to start the fight.


    The gold will be discounted, and players will be automatically teleported to Battle Town arena after the challenged player accept it.


    Also a global announcement will appear showing the challenge information, and a command to other players that want to spectate the fight.


    Battle Mechanics:

    The battle consist in 5 rounds.
    Only Force, Mini Pet, Phoenix and Virtual Life work inside the arena. Premiuns, Crowns and external buffs from other classes will not work.

    When players entered in the arena a 10 minutes timer will appear, this is the battle time limit.
    This timer will start in every round in orange color, that means Preparation Phase, where players can use your buffs and can't attack each other.


    After players prepare themselves the timer will turn in white color, that means Battle Phase, where players can start to fight.


    If someone die the round will restart, and the timer will turn orange again for players prepare his characters again.
    The fight will finish in 5 rounds, or in the max time limit, and a global announcement will appear showing the result.


    Spectator Mode:

    Everytime a challenge start an global announcement will appear, showing the challenge information.
    In this message a command will appear. By using this command in the chat, any player can enter in the arena in the Spectator Mode.
    At this mode you can only watch the fight, and the players will not see you.
    Example: /!Watch ****

    When a player enter the arena to spectate a message will appear for the players that are fighting each other.
    You can leave the arena using the command /!ExitSpectate.


    Gold and Coins Bet distribution:

    When one player win the battle he will receive 80% of total bet, and 20% is the server tax.
    Example: Every player bet 5kk, total bet is 10kk, the player who wins receive 8kk, and 2kk goes to the server.
    In case of Draw players will receive 40% each, and 20% is the server tax.

    Example: Every player bet 5kk, total bet is 10kk, if Draw players will receive 4kk each, and 2kk goes to the server.
    It works exactly the same way in case of Coins bet.


    There are some rules that apply to the system:

    • In case of disconnection the player lose the gold. (It's responsability of the player in case of internet disconnection).
    • In case of the player that is losing leave or disconnect, other player will win the battle and receive 80% of the total bet.
    • In case of the player that is winning leave or disconnect, other player will receive 50% of total bet back.
    • If one player leaves and the score was the same it will be considered a draw, and players will receive 40% of the total bet each.
    • If the timer runs out the player with more points win, or draw if the same score.

    Challenge YouTube video: