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  • Caravan Pets



    It spawns a Caravan that acts as a mule for extra inventory space and follows you everywhere.

    • The Caravan Hopy acts as an NPC, not a monster; it has no HP bar and monsters won't attack it
    • It has no weight limit, just space
    • If you die, it will respawn next to you, wherever
    • Other players can't see your Caravan inventory

    You can buy it from the Coinshop, or gain it as reward from events like Fury Arena, Ghost Castle and Daily Rewards.

    The Caravan will follow its owner everywhere except for:

    • When owner goes into Fury Arena
    • When owner goes into Bellatra
    • When owner is in Bless Castle

    You can teleport to your caravan by using a special core sold from gold in Ricarten Town.

    Important note:

    For now, when the Caravan timer runs out, all the items that were in the Caravan inventory stay in the inventory, meaning you'll have to spawn it again in order to retrieve your items or remove them before the timer runs out!