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  • Boss Summon

    This is a new feature added to the game that allow players to summon Bosses.
    Yes! Now you can summon bosses by your own and call your friends to have some fun!
    To do that is just necessary to found the Summon Scrolls around the continent.

    Summon Scrolls:

    This scrolls can be dropped by Bosses or through the Disassemble of items.
    Each Boss has a chance to drop his own specific Scroll.


    Summoning a Boss:

    To summon a Boss you need first found the "Summon Scroll".
    After that you need to choose a map and location to summon.
    The Boss can be summoned in any map that you want.
    You can simple use it by "Right Click" the item.
    Note that the Scrolls can be only used during the night.

    But the chance of success is 10%, and in case of failure a Boss slave monster will spawn or nothing will happens.
    In case of Success the Boss will instantly appear on the location that you chose.


    Boss Summon YouTube video guide: