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  • Boss Roll

    This system makes players able to Roll for items after killing a boss.
    With this everyone have a fair chance to win the items, different from items dropped on the floor.

    Roll mechanics:

    Everytime a boss die, players that attacked it will have a chance to participate.
    There is a minimum damage given of 0.5% to participate in Rolls.
    Soon when a Boss die an window will open, showing one item that was dropped.
    There is two options here, "Roll" or "Pass".


    By click in Roll you can try your luck, and a random number between 1-999 will be generated.
    Players are able to Roll for every item dropped, to have a chance to win it.
    After all players finish their Rolls the window will show the top players, and the player with the high number wins.
    Also you can check the Rolls and results that are announced in the game chat.
    Note that in case of draw one of the players that roll same number will randomly wins.


    For items that you don't want you can only click on Pass.
    In case of all players click Pass the item will be dropped on the floor.