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  • Boss and Special Items

    Boss and Special items can be found only by killing specific Bosses or by finishing Events on the game.
    This items are very strong, and normally give special attributes.

    Boss Item list:

    itor205.jpg.9ce356cb92bb4522ebe1ee7a6872ea40.jpg Valento Ring: Rare Ring dropped by Valento.

    itoa130.jpg.6b4c38016660ec53357278d3b0db9eaa.jpg Kelvezu Amulet: Rare Amulet dropped by Kelvezu.

    itos199.jpg.33523de99cf3e0344f9304e3f0a3653b.jpg Mokova Sheltom: Rare Sheltom dropped by Mokovian.

    itdb130.jpg.4fa3b5e7f194dfdfee016b5b795198b8.jpg Mokova Boots: Faster Boots of the game, dropped by Mokovian.

    itor248.jpg.fd2ad74289fb8208d3c519d5cbf4bbe1.jpg Devil Shy Ring: Very rare Ring dropped by Devil Shy.

    itoa144.jpg.a0a617d6f0280c7301dfed5cc4b486bb.jpg Tulla Amulet: Very rare Amulet dropped by Tulla.

    itos198.jpg.4555c5af65d437904cc3d6caa38d45cb.jpg Fury Sheltom: Very rare Sheltom dropped by Released Fury.

    itor256.jpg.0939df559f38dea6927d69088f4ebfb2.jpg Prince Ring: Ring crafted by using Prince Essences.

    itoa156.jpg.40fc6414fe39cf50bb2995dfe0f07fb4.jpg Yagditha Amulet: Amulet crafted by using Yagditha Essences.

    itos197.jpg.70eec56da30b36bcf2c4f22c65ac016d.jpg Flame Sheltom: Sheltom crafted by using Flame Maiden Essences.

    itdb150.jpg.34c0b1db6ac9605dda7cfd14cf16cfcf.jpg Draxos Boots: Extremely rare Boots with the higher stats of the game, dropped by Draxos.

    itdg130.jpg.5061396edeb15d1652f37b1997d234b1.jpg Greedy Gauntlets: Extremely rare Gauntlets that give extra Attack Power, dropped by Greedy.

    itoa299.jpg.9bc441a6fdb950e4ef27798d54d6073d.jpg Midranda Bracelets: Extremely rare Bracelets that increase your Critical Damage, dropped by Midranda.

    Special Item list:

    itoa235.jpg.8749672e120fe78565fa5aebebc63f60.jpg Ghost Bracelets: Bracelets that increase Critical, very rarely obtained at Ghost Castle.

    itds127.jpg.53bf63f2fe6795c0b6d094793bf5d5f1.jpg Babel Shield: Shield with the higher Block of the game, very rarely obtained from Babel.

    Why use this items?

    Rings, Amulet and Sheltom: By combining this items you get extra effects on the character, called Set Effects.
    This give additional attributes, that make it always very stronger compared to other items.

    Mokovian Boots: Have the higher speed of the game, your character will run much faster compared to other Boots, which means that can be useful for ranger characters, that can run and attack their enemies from range.

    Draxos Boots: Will give you much defensive capability, much better for Meele characters, that need more survivability.

    Greedy Gauntlets: Give you a decent defensive status compared to other items, but have an special additional to Attack Power, that can't be obtained in normal items, which means that it is the best offensive Gauntlets of the game.

    Midranda Bracelets: Stronger bracelets of the game, give you an special additional to Critical Damage, that can't be obtained in other items.

    Ghost Bracelets: Give you a low ammount of defensive status, but have an special additional to Critical, that can't be obtained in normal items, which mean that it is the second best offensive Bracelet of the game.

    Babel Shield: This item have the best Block Rate of the game, and a good ammount of defense and absorption.