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  • Automatic Events

    This system was created to make events starts automatically by the system. 
    Also to create a bigger diversification of events to the players. 
    All months have a different event shedule with specific events.
    You can check all the events inside the game on the Event Calendar.

    Event Calendar:

    The Event Calendar shows all the planned events for the month.
    To access it is very simple, you just need to click on the "Event Calendar" button on the game minimap.
    It shows the start and finish date of every event, all based on the Server Time.
    Besides that you can check the active events just by clicking on the "Active Events" button.
    By passing the mouse through the event you can check a more detailed description.


    Event List:

    Super Powers: Increase all PVE damage by 10%.
    Quest Exp: Increase exp gained from quests in 15%.
    Exp: Double the exp gained from monsters.
    Drop: Increase the drop number from monsters by 1.
    Aging Free: Make all the Aging process free.
    Relic Craft Free: Make all the Relic process free.
    Enchantment Free: Make all the Enchantment process free.
    Soul Craft Free: Make all the Soul Power process free.
    Wanted Moriph: Wanted Moriph spawns in all maps.
    Wanted Wolf: Wanted Wolf spawns in all maps.
    Damage Off: Reduce all monsters damage by 20%.
    Absorption Off: Reduce all monsters absorption by 20%.
    Defense Off: Reduce all monsters defense by 20%.
    Mega Crystal: Increased Attack, HP and duration of all Summons and Crystals in 50%.
    Extra Gold: Double gold amount dropped by monsters.
    Easy Taming: Tame mounts are much easier during the event.
    Double Boss: Bosses have 30% chance to spawn in pairs.