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  • Action Bar

    Action Bar is a new feature added to make the game experience more confortable for the players.
    The system allows new customization for the skills and consumables, with a very interactive interface.
    Players now are able to use consumables like cores, crystals, forces and much more using Hotkeys instead of opening
    the inventory.



    • Open and close it by pressing "B".
    • New Hotkeys added. (F1~F9 & 4~=)
    • Conveniently add consumables to use them easily.
    • Scroll click on action bar to clean an slot.
    • Skill cooldown timer visible on actionbar.
    • Alt + 1/2/3 to navigate between action bars.
    • Mouse Scroll can be used to navigatte between action bars.
    • Unlock it to replace it to anywhere you like and easily modify the contents.
    • Double Press Hotkeys to cast targetless skills.

    How to use:

    Use this new feature is very simple.
    For skill customization you need to open the Skill Window by pressing "S", and "Hold Left Click" and drag the skill to the action bar slot of your preference.
    You can use the old method too if you think its more confortable for you.
    Also the action bar will show you the skill cooldown when use it.


    To add consumables in the action bar you need to "Left Click" in the item, and put it in the slot of your preference.
    After doing this it will show you the consumable, and the number of items that you have to use in your inventory.


    To remove Skills and Consumables you need to "Scroll Button" in the slot you want to clean.
    Or you can simple "Hold Left Click" and drag the skill out from the action bar.

    After you adjust the bar you can use the "Lock" option to prevent it from move.

    The Action Bar is optional, you can enable and disable according to your preference.