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    • Roll dice messages now appear only on the map where the boss was killed. Damage display system was reworked to feel more accurate when taking and giving damage. Now you can see how much your potions healed on the damage display system. Phoenix Pets damage increased and now are working properly. Added new Mini Dragon Pets. Rework on the skill system to allow us to balance skills while the server is running. Rework player and monster accuracy x defense system. Critical formula fixed for Magical Classes to work as in other classes. Fixed Absorption formula on PVP. Optmization on server handling of players to feel less lag while playing. New 3h Premium Items available to buy on the city for gold. Weight formula changed to (Strength * 2) + (Health + 1.5) + (Level * 3) + 60 + Spirit + Talent + (Agility * 1.2). Several server optimizations. Warehouse now has 5 pages! Quick options menu added to the game. Fixed a game crash related to bellatra crown. New tabs added to the coinshop. Caravan Pet System released. Premium Item information changed in game. Chasing Hunt icon fixed. War Mode system released. Character creation characters now wear the latest armor in the game. Warehouse gold limit is now 1kkk. Union Core can now be used for non clan characters. Server modifications to allow us to activate and deactivate Aging Free Event without server restart. Bosses will not stay stuck from now on. Fixed personal shop store item prices not working for values above 100kk, new limit is 1kkk. Fixed aging glow on phantoms. Attack rating system was modified. Top level and PVP King are only visual, no extra stats for now. Notification system enhanced. Level difference is now taken in consideration for adding battle points. Added Notification for level up above 130. Added Notification for when someone drops a Boss Item. Fixed donation redirect link on the coinshop window. SoD Crown Buffs no longer work while in Bellatra. Percentage of MP and SP Amplifier increased. Vampire Teeth, Mana Aura and Booster Recovery regen increased. You can now see how much damage people do to monsters in the damage text. Fixed boss set effects.   Balancing Archer Evasion Mastery slightly reduced. Wolverine damage increased. Frosty Rain fixed damage boost. Assassin Stinger damage increased. Running Hit damage increased. Venon Thorn damage increased. Polluted number of targets and area increased. Ninja Shadow damage increased. Shadow Storm area increased. Atalanta Shield Strike now is % based. Bigger Spear now is % based. Fire Javelin now is % based. Light Javelin now is % based. Extreme Rage damage increased. Arcuda damage increased. Poison Javelin damage,area,duration and target number increased. Amazon Rage now reduce defense instead of attack rating. Fighter Raving damage increased. Impact damage increased. Triple Impact damage increased. Brutal Swing damage increased and critical reduced. Bone Crush damage increased and demon bonus reduced. Destroyer damage and critical slightly reduced. Cyclone Strike damage and target number increased. Seismic Impact damage reduced but now is working properly in PVP. Survival Instinct HP regen increased. Knight Sword Blast now is % based. Physical Training STM boost increased. Double Crash critical increased. Piercing damage increased. Godly Shield block% chain of Divine Shield now is working but damage reduction slightly reduced. Saint Blade MP and STM usage reduced. Holy Conviction no longer can be used with Holy valor. Martial Artist Low Kick damage increased. Double Backspin Blow damage increased. Twister Kick damage increased. Elbow Rush area reduced. Tiger Cannon area reduced. Leap Smash damage increased. Barrage damage increased. Nevers of Steel defense reduced. Shoulder Charge delay removed,damage increased and critical reduced. Attack Mastery attack rate reduced. Hunting Hawk now has delay but damage increased. Magician Fire Bolt now is % based. Fire Ball now is % based. Watornado now is % based. Death Ray now have same critical damage as meele classes.(70%) Energy Shield damage reduction slightly reduced. Dancing Sword now is % based. Fire elemental damage increased. Flame wave damage increased and delay removed. Distortion slow and duration slightly reduced. Mechanician Mechanic Bomb now is % based. Maximize % reduced but now is working properly. Spark damage and area increased. Grand Smash damage increased and attack rate now is based in %. Mechanic weapon mastery % increased. Spark Shield defense increased. Impulsion damage increased. Magnetic Sphere now is % based. Metal Golem damage increased. Pikeman Pike Wind now is % based. Ground Pike now is % based. Venom Spear damage, duration, area and target number increased. Assassin's Eye critical damage% is now working properly. Also now the skill give extra Critical against monsters. Priestess Healing now is % based. Holy Bolt now is % based. Grand Healing now is % based. Vigor Ball attack rate fixed. Also now priestess critical damage% is equal as meele classes.(70%) Glacial Spike now is % based. Ice Elemental damage increased. Ice Meteorite damage increased. Shaman Dark Bolt damage increased. Inertia slow % and duration slightly reduced. Spiritual Flare damage and area increased. Chasing Hunt lure sight area increased. Phantom Call damage increased. Hestian damage increased. Judgement critical chance increased. Mourning Pray damage and area reduced. Also pushback does not work in bosses anymore.   Manual update: Patch 3063 manual update  
    • Hotfix: Age color, effects and personal shops should now be visible
    • Crash problem related to shaman fixed. Fixed a visual problem related to God Bless. Skill Masters are now able to train both tribes. Fixed a bug where the game would not remember the last account name. Clonning Sheltom System is back and now has a fail chance. Anti-hack improvements. You can now open the distributor from the coinshop window. Repeatable quests easy and medium modes rebalanced. Added ET3 hs near NPC.   Assassin     Running Hit damage increased.     Attack Mastery is now based in the total attack rate.     Blind after damage increased.     Polluted is now affected by attack speed, duration and number of targets increased.     Shade Kick damage increased. Archer     Scout Hawk now shows it's atributtes on the character info and values reworked.     Dion's Eye is now based in the total attack rate.     Bomb Shot damage corrected.     Nature Splash was replaced with Evade Shot.     Saggitarius Rain is now Frosty Rain and it's Dmg Mp Stm costs corrected. Also animation speed was increased and has a new effect. Knight     Holy Valor damage % was slighty reduced.     Brandish damage calculation fixed.     Grand Cross damage against Undead reduced.     Godly Shield now shows the correct info on it's description and character info.     God Bless now adds damage percentage instead of fixed values.     Divine Piercing added critical chance.     Undead Bane was replaced with Saint Blade.     Holy Justice has now two hits instead of one.     Holy Conviction now add damage against all monsters.     Holy Body and Holy Valor chain reduced and fixed party bug.     Crescent Moon was buffed and has new effects. Fighter  Destroyer and Seismic Impact can now be used with swords.   Download our newest full client to avoid problems. https://losttale.com/download   For those who cannot afford to download a new client full, please do as following: Select all folders from your game client, right click on them, go to properties. Deselect the option read only, click on ok and then wait for it to finish. Then delete Version file from the game folder and execute the launcher. should be like this:   Manual Update:  
    • New level cap released: 135. Anti-hack improvements. Fixed some server crashes. Aging Free and Damage Reduction Events are over now. Server performance improvements. Class change now changes the level up date, making you loose top level buff if you have. Shop NPC added to Secret Laboratory. PicPay donations are now delivered automatically. Panel has now one session limit per account. New login music added to the game. Hp Booster, Stm Booster, Mp Booster, Hunt Power, Migal Might and Wing Boots price reduced in the Coin Shop Skill Changes: Archer:                       Bomb Shot area damage is better now.                       Sagittarius Rain now has chain damage on Arrow of Rage, animation now scales with attack speed and has frost effect.                       Archer falcons can now be rebuffed.                       Force of nature now works for party and raid members. Priest:                      Virtual Life now works for party and raid members. Mage:                      Magic Source now works for party and raid members.  
    • Bless Castle duration changed to one hour. To be fair with all the participants, the crown has been removed from the current leader. Bless Castle clan scores are now visible to everyone. Bless Castle prizes updated to 300kk, 150kk and 100kk. Skill window now closes automatically when you walk away from skill master. Now the HP, MP and STM appear correctly on the tooltip texts. Enter key should now work better with some old windows. Solo SOD Ranking should now be working properly with new scores. Ghost Castle activated! Experience prizes are now given on the end accordingly with your position. Anti-hack improvements. Fixed a crash related to the party system. ET1 and BC Teleport now asks if you want to travel right away. Items on the ground should now take longer to dissappear. Fixed a bug where the message "0 Exp gained" could appear. Added NPCs to sell items in Ice1, Ice2 , Lost 1, ET3 and Ice Mine. Monsters resistances reworked. Sheltom cloning removed temporarily for balance issues. Sheltom drop slightly reduced. Now sapphire can be rarely dropped from monsters in Secret Laboratory. New drawning method for aging and mix color on testing. You can now see where the fixed bosses spawn in the minimap. Enhanced communication between client and server. Preparations for level cap increase. Skill Changes: Atalanta Amazon Rage now have 300 seconds of duration. Assassin Blind now gives movement speed. Added freeze effect to Frost Wind. Gust Slash damage should now be applied correctly. Polluted damage increased! Shade Kick now it's affected by attack speed but delay increased. Shadow Bomb damage increased, MP and STM usage corrected and now takes attack speed in consideration. Shadow Storm now has no delay and it's an area skill. Alas now adds half of its stats to the party. Kiss of the Viper damage increase. Mage Magic Source has no delay now.