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    • Fixed some game exploits. Fury Arena window fixed. New window available in game: Event Window. Macros can now be used in the login screen. Character speed tunned up. 'Notice' can now be activated on the quick options menu. Fixed a game crash. New socket system available. Sheltom clonning window now shows the success chances. Fixed an item related problem in the game. Manufacture System reworked to allow us to create new recipes for future events and features. Random Tier 5 skills bug where you would loose skills should not happen with the same frequency. Candies and Chocolates now work properly. Top Level buff added back. SoD Silver and Bronze buffs have changed. Fixed a visual bug related to Bless Castle Crown. Costumes can now be stored in the warehouse. Added option to activate/deactivate the loot filter on the quick options menu. Earrings prices reduced at Coin Shop. Mega Exp Pot price reduced. Drop chance of 118 Armor, Robe and Set slightly increased. Bosses are now affected by Poison Damage. Monsters and Bosses HP and ABS rebalanced. Class stones removed from Bless Castle. Shaman,Archer, Auto Mech, Magician and Priestess now lose less attack power when using Vitality. Damage formulas on all classes rebalanced.        Skill Changes: Magician Death Ray casting speed increased. Flame Wave damage increased. Fighter Boost Health HP slightly reduced. Fire Weapon critical reduced.   We are aware about the lag in PVP areas and until the next patch we will be focusing on that issue. This is a common thing because of the structure of the game and we are working to improve it.   For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Patch 3078 manual update
    • For the first time in the server, from the next friday 03/27 until sunday 03/29, banned accounts Auction Event! Stay tunned for news.
    • Hi everyone. I'm new to this server. I used to play PT 15 years ago. Now with all these new tiers, is hard for me to understand really which skills are worth it. Where would you put all the skills for pikes? which ones are really useful? thanks!
    • Fixed game exploit. Added new event items can now  be perfectize. (Ghost Castle Bracelets, King Fury Gauntlets). Fixed a server crash. Reduced minimum damage needed to participate the roll dice. Changed speed cap for characters(still in testing). Changed Draxos Boots level requirement.
    • Thank you 😎