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    • Fixed broken chat when displaying a long message . Added chat command to disable all your active quests Type in chat /cancelquests to use it! Server spawns redone Fixed a crash in Cursed Temple 3th floor (CT3) MAP. Virtual Life (VL) is now given to everyone in your party Use it as if you were going to give yourself Virtual Life (VL). New UI improvement Added new confirmation dialog Added new Target HUD. Changed game general font. Changed premiums location. New boss HUD HP. Added age fail change feedback on the age window When you put your item and stones, there will be a message showing your % change of failure. Increased view range. Audio quality improved Added music in the login menu. Ricartem song is back. Added monsters effects Sea of abyss monsters now have proper effects. Added Shelton Cloning System! See the link for more information.   Since this is a big update, we have released a new client full ( Ver. 1330 ).
      https://losttale.com/download.php     For those who still want to download the patch manually, dowload the files and extract them manually.
    • Looking foward to find out what happens next!
    • Double Exp Event is now activated automatically every weekend. Boss timers added to forum. Party level difference was removed. Bellatra Leaders are now displayed on forum. Bless Castle Leaders are now displayed on forum. Next Fury Arena time is now displayed on forum. Server time was fixed to UTC as intended. Super Potions were added to the game, dropping in maps 115+ and sold in NPCs. We advise all players to drop all potions they current have since we have adjusted some of their values.

      For those having problems with the launcher, download the files and extract them manually. https://losttale.com/updates/1300.zip
    • The server is back online, we had to make an emergency maintenance due to a host preventive maintenance.   Thanks for waiting!
    • Hi all,  Maintenance is a long one ?    any time frame  thanks